Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis flowers throughout the year.

This flower is found in abundance in Malaysia. 
As such, it was chosen as Malaysia's National Flower in 1960.
It is called the 'Bunga Raya' which means 'Flower Celebration'.

This five-petaled red hibiscus was selected amongst the many varieties of hibiscus as the national flower. The five petals represent the five principles of nationhood whereas the colour red symbolizes courage. This flower can be found imprinted on Malaysia's dollar notes and coins.

It is usually planted in clusters or as hedges alongside the roads.

I think they look really good in the form of a tree.
These beautiful hibiscus are found around my house.
They are planted by our housing developer, SP Setia.

Today is Malaysia's Independence Day. This is why I am posting on Malaysia's National Flower. It is meant to be posted in the earlier part of the day. But we had too much fun building a camp made of rattan. I will post about it in the future.



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