Caption - Who Came First?

Captions overflowed in last week and it wasn't easy to select just a few.
Do keep them coming  though.

Kay L Davies: Nope, I don't see it under here. Did you find it in the dog?

Andrea : OMG, What's happening with me?! Hairs all over!

Heidi : 3, 2, 1 and release...now 2 more stretches.

Diana : Chickallerina

Anna : Barnyard yoga 101 - Downward chicken

Solitude Rising : Come on you pesky egg. Drop already?

Stampmouse : Hey there! I came first so there. (sticks out tongue)

Joyce I'm doing The Chicken Dance". Come join me, it's so clucking fun!

Bananaz : Rare case of Dr Ostrich Jekyll and Mr Chicken Hyde.

Lisa I do hate these dental check ups!

GardenWalkGardenTalk : When I get bigger, you are losing that finger!

Cathy & Steve : It was just a marble. Keep that up and I'll be right back at ya.

Stampmouse : Yummy rings are good for breakfast. Want it back? You are sooo going to have to wait this one out.

EvoOrganic : Num Num, people fingers.

One :  I told KFC that "finger licking" is "so good" and they changed their marketing phrase.

Heidi : Now I need to find that matching bikini bottoms to this top.

GardenWalkGardenTalk : My bloomers are showing.

Spotted these 2 mynas with ruffled feathers.
What they are saying?

Below is a praying mantis holding a fly.

Captions and comments are all welcomed.
The more the merrier.

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Camera Critters


A Touching Scene with Baby Koels

I have much to share but very little time so I'll keep this short.

The above is a female Asian Koel looking out for figs.
I had posted on the male Asian Koel earlier.
So far, I have yet to see them feeding their babies.

Baby Koels are seen perching on a Chempaka Tree (Michelia champaka).
As you can see, they are pecking the tree bark, possibly consuming little critters found on the tree.

For your information, the white flower of this tree offers an exotic scent during the night and early morning.

These baby Koels, a male and a female, deserve a special mention.

This male fledgling could have consumed the figs directly from the fig tree but instead he picked one with its beak and flew towards its waiting and calling sister.

The male fledgling actually fed the sister several times.
I find this action very strange and touching too.
Since the mother lays its eggs on others' nest, I suppose the fledglings could have gotten evicted before they are ready to fend for themselves.
Isn't it nice to have a big brother like this one?
He is but a fledgling himself.

19 Dec 2011 Update

The Asian Koels have red eyes and so do the Asian Glossy Starlings.
However the beak of the Asian Glossy Starlings are black but the Asian Koel's beak is much lighter.
These small birds that looked like the juvenile of the Asian Koels are actually Asian Glossy Starlings.
The black Asian Glossy Starling was feeding a juvenile Asian Glossy Starling in the second last photo.
To date they have remained small and definitely do not look like they are growing into the size of an Asian Koel.

Camera Critters


Caption - Sunglasses Collection

Happy Monday morning!
Thank you once again for your hilarious caption contributions.

Kay L Davies:  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your last call for Flight 123 to Los Angeles. Oh I see... Captain. Hold the plane, the last passenger has just arrived.

Anna : She moved in with me and has taken over the house.

Lisa : Living on the edge.

Bananaz : Is this the corporate ladder my CEO was talking about?

Anna :  Mac & Myer for Hire - Who measured for this ladder? It's your turn to make the next Home Depot run.

Joyce : We better get to it fast before the monkey does.

Miss Kodee : It's your turn to get the cat.

Kay L Davies : Okay, you pollinate that branch and I'll pollinate this branch, then we take a lunch break.

Stampmouse : Never send a fly to do a bee's job.

Anna : Dior's Summer Sunglasses Collection.

Have fun reading, creating new captions and commenting!
Hope you like the 3 new photos above.


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Asian Koel

This bird may look like a crow but it is actually an Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus).
It is bigger and its tail is much longer compared to a crow.
It has glossy bluish-black feathers with bright red eyes.

Both the photos above are of a male Asian Koel.

The female looks quite different.
This couple has been hanging around for a few months because of the delicious 'fig' tree that I grow.

The Asian Koel is a brood parasite that lays its eggs on the nest of crows or other hosts.
Today, we feel very excited to see at least 5 young Koels, consisting both male and female.
They were out with the father hanging around the fig tree.

The Asian Koel are largely frugivorous.
(A frugivore is a fruit eater.)
Although the adult feed mostly on fruit, the young do consume insects, eggs and caterpillars.

So far, my hubby and I haven't manage to get any great shots of these birds yet.
Tomorrow we may try disguising ourselves as a bush and hopefully capture more acceptable photos than these.

Note : This vigorous growing tree was purchased from the nursery without a name but I believe it is a fig tree.


Valued Visitor

very handsome, young boy paid us a surprise visit.

We brought him to our favourite venue; the garden.

It was extremely easy to entertain him, vice versa.

He was virtually bubbling with cuteness.

( I really love to see his facial expression above.)

Thank you to all of you whom have been voting for Onenezz daily or occasionally.
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(This adorable boy actually requested to pose with the flowers.)

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As I was typing at 11am, I felt some vibration.
It was caused by a 5.6 magnitude quake which hit northern Sumatra; a neighbouring country.
Fortunately for us, it was just a tremor and nothing violent.

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Caption - Oops!

I spotted these 2 dogs before their performances in a dog show and they seemed to be in love.
They did kiss other in the next scene which I am not sharing here.

Kay L Davies : Where have you been all my life?

b-a-g : What's a nice dog like you doing in a place like this?

Stampmouse : You had me woof.

GardenWalkGardenTalk : How do you turn on the water?

Autumn Belle : Where's the switch for this lamp?

Kay L Davies : One slip of those scissors and I am finding me another hairdresser!

b-a-g : Ouch! That was my ear!

Anna : Oooppss! Guess I better even up the other side! You didn't really need your ears, did you?


Thank you to all who contributed to the captions.
I appreciate every single one of them including your comments.

3 more photos awaiting your captions.
Would you prefer that the caption game be posted during the end of the week instead of the beginning or would your brains be even more tired then?
I have been finding your captions hilarious so far.

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Blue Pansy

According to the Online Encyclopedia, the Blue Pansy (Junoniya orithya wallacei) maintains its territory by driving away other butterflies that enters the area.
This explains why there have been many butterflies fluttering by but they don't stop and pose at the flowers for me.
I had thought it was the praying mantes that have been frightening them away.
Well, who knows, there could be many reasons why butterflies keep playing hide and seek with me.

Notice the blue in its wings changes to purple from an angle?

The blue pansy's wings are kind of torn and tattered.
Has the praying mantis above been nibbling them off?

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Charmed by Yellow Cosmos

When I saw a yellow butterfly hovering around my yellow cosmos, I remembered the LEM Photography Challenge with the theme, Yellow.

If you are wondering where the yellow butterfly is, well, butterflies don't wait for the camera to arrive.
There were however other bugs waiting for their photos to be taken.
You might have noticed that there have been a lot of activities around the cosmos flowers, including in my last few posts.
I would always remember the green praying mantis that waved and smiled to me from a cosmos flower.
If you are looking for some critter activities, grow cosmos.
Critters tend to be easily charmed by cosmos.
Grow once and it easily self reseeds.


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