Stop and See

Orange Spotted Tiger Moth

Heliotrope Moth or Salt & Pepper Moth

This is what I see
Interesting bugs of 3
Living in harmony
On one small tree

A one-eyed spider
Insects with bright colours
Wonder why I've never
Noticed such creatures

Constantly in a hurry
Plenty to worry
Missing out on reality
It's time to Stop and See



“If you let go a little, you’ll have a little peace. If you let go a lot you’ll have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you’ll have complete peace.”
Ajahn Chah

Let Go A Little

Let Go A Lot

Let Go Completely

Sibling Fights

We pull and fight
That's what we do
We pounce and bite
And say thank you.

We like the fights
Although it hurts
We like the bites
You'ld see no blood.

Take not to heart
That's what we do
It's time to part
And say Adieu.

This is a photo of Captain and Clifford.
It was taken shortly before Captain was adopted.

Precious Moments

Love and Joy
Way Better Than Toys
Seeing Goldee and Her Boy
Precious Moments To Enjoy


Pup says to Mom:

Dearest Mummy
It is really Funny
Sharing makes it Yummy
Altho' less in the Tummy
I love you Mummy
Whether Stormy or Sunny


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