Accidental Bird Captures

So far, I have posted more photos of lady birds than birds.
Dragonflies smile in front of my camera but birds flee from it.
When I brought my camera to the lake for the purpose of shooting ducks, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter some birds along the way.
I consider the following photos as accidental bird captures since they weren't planned for.

The above yelllow-bellied sunbird was drinking nectar from a fire cracker bloom but perched on a ficus tree, looking wary when it noticed me.

This magpie robin has just swallowed an earthworm.

This pigeon was on the road alone looking lost.
I saw 2 adults like the one above with a baby in between, having a picnic in the park early this morning.
It was a cute scene but I didn't have my camera with me.

Although I see this tree kingfisher often, it has not gotten any friendlier over time.
Perhaps I could show you some action shots of this bird diving down to catch little critters sometime in the future.
Currently all birds fly off about 5 seconds after they notice the camera or me.

This is a sparrow which is trying to rescue my wax jambu tree from being eaten up by worms.
The photo has accidentally turned out to be monochrome because someone has adjusted the settings of the camera.
When I turned back the settings, 5 seconds has lapsed so we shall have to bear with this accidental black and white shot.

Please visit GardenWalkGardenTalk for more interpretations of 'Accidental' or World Bird Wednesday for more bird captures.


Caption - Pull out that Tooth!

Welcome to Monday Photo Captions!

 For those who are unfamiliar with this game, just enjoy the captions contributed by fellow bloggers and leave your captions for the last two photos.
Selected ones will be posted next Monday with links to your blogs or websites.

b-a-g : Achoo!

Carletta  : Always cover your nose when you sneeze.

Anika : Wash Face. Tick...(continues below the next cat photo)

GardenWalkGardenTalk : I smell catnip. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Anna : Oh! How I love spaghetti!

 Liz : Go ahead and pull. I need to get rid of that tooth.

Anika : ... Floss teeth. Tick. Bring on the new week!

Thank you for all your contribution last week.

Send in your captions for the last two images latest by this week.
All comments are welcomed.
May you have a joyful week ahead!


Love and Anger

These ducks are taking a stroll down the path.

I posted a bunch of excited ducks which dashed in every direction and never seem to pause.
Today, I am sharing the calm ones which are found at a different lake.

Instead of chasing after me like the ones I met last week, this one actually fell asleep while observing me.

An expressive duck showed me its LOVE in its own way above.

There seem to  be a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
I believe these ducks are well fed, leading to their calm behaviour.
Then suddenly the atmosphere changed!
Two brown ducks dashed forward angrily to attack a white one...

As you can see in the 3 photos above, the brown ducks attacked and pecked out some white feathers.
I wanted to interview them to find out the reason for their sudden outburst but my daughter chased the brown ducks away to avoid further loss of feathers.

The victim seem fine and still look pretty in the landscape.

Back to peace and tranquility.
A little bit of anger and violence added some excitement.
Imagine a sandwich made of 2 pieces of love and a tiny bit of anger in between.
That's how things appear to be.
There is always the calm before the storm, followed by calm again.

Have a splashing weekend!


Caption - Mooove It!

Welcome to Monday Photo Captions!
Last week's photos were tough, weren't they?
Nevertheless, I think you did marvelously!!!

 For those who are unfamiliar with this game, just enjoy the captions contributed by fellow bloggers and leave your captions for the last two photos.
Selected ones will be posted next Monday with links to your blogs or websites.

GardenWalkGardenTalk : Mooove over a bit. It's getting crowded.

b-a-g : All ears.

Bananaz : Oh, oh! Here's comes Old MacDonald, his pitchy EIEIO makes me wanna puke!

Lisa : Love is a soft place to put your head.

Donna of GEV : Yeah! I am laying down on the job. You got a problem with that?

Hootin' Anni's : "YOU go to see who's behind the camera!" "No, I'm not gonna... YOU go!"

Robin : Mom, can we get up now? We took our naps...

Carletta : Yep, I wanna be one of those California cows!

Autumn Belle : Look into the camera. Pout your lips and say "moo-moo".

Bananaz : I like to mooove it, mooove it. (Madagascar)

Anna : Honey, how do you like my new Yin and Yang coat? It's the latest style!

Send in your captions for the last two images latest by this week.
This time around, I did not choose beautiful captures but silly ones instead.
Hope you like them.
All comments are welcomed.
May you have a joyful week ahead!


Duck Photography with No Tips

I must admit I love taking photos of animals.
I love to see their expressions; sometimes humorous, sometimes touching or just plain amusing.

I took these photos at the lake in Setia Ecopark where the Sales and Marketing office is.
I love to capture them; 1 in a frame, 2 in a frame, 3 in a frame...

I particularly like to see them peeping out of the bushes.

I was at Garden Walk Garden Talk a few minutes ago and found that she has furnished lots of bird photography tips.
Apparently she acquired some of her skills from Galen Leeds Photography.
If you are looking for Bird Photography tips, click on their links above.
Over here, I'm just sharing some fun photos of ducks.

I like to see a group of ducks facing the same direction as if they are in a mission together.
They seem to be full of determination.

I find those eyes really cute.
They look serious yet filled with uncertainty considering the change in direction every few seconds.

It gets interesting when they suddenly turn to stare at me.

It gets even more exciting when they chased after me.
I thought I should 'snap and run' but I extended my hand instead and got pecked.
It didn't hurt though.

I thought they look cute from behind too.

Come to think of it, I like them in any number and in any position.
I like the fact that they cannot keep still.

I hope you have enjoyed my Duck Photography with No Tips.

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Texture & Pattern

The Word for Wednesday that Donna of Garden Walk Garden Talk is hosting this week is 'Texture and Pattern'.

Since everything is with texture and pattern, the difficulty here is to limit the length of this post.
I do not intend to limit to texture and pattern found in my garden alone.

There were many huge ferns plants at the highlands which I visited a few days ago.
I find the patterns to these unfurling fern fronds rather captivating and am posting 6 photos of them.

Below are the soft texture of the grass on the highlands and wavy patterns formed by the mountains.

Back at home, I continued my quest to look for more texture and pattern.
As soon I picked up the camera, the furry texture below, demanded to tag along as he loves to be outdoors.

Out of all the captures, I think the highlight of today is this blue feathery friend.

It is such a delight to see a White-throated Kingfisher having a feast in my garden!
To be honest, this is a regular visitor but it maintains its distance so we had to get a zoom lens.

The above is a collage of some of the textures I see around me.
Notice that my first few passion fruits shall be ripe soon?

Do head over to Garden Walk Garden Talk for an INFORMATIVE post of 'Texture and Pattern'.
Enjoy others' takes on this theme or join us with your own interpretation.


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