It is Blooming!

The flower bud is blooming! It will be at its maximum size by midnight.

These are the flowers which bloomed earlier this morning. The petals are starting to wilt. The base will form the dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit Flowers

Flowers in the midst of closing in the morning.

It's more than 1 foot in diameter.

Flower bud may bloom tonight.


Bugs in My Garden

Green Praying Mantis

Spider preparing to sting the bug. The spider dashed forward and attacked the bug's hind leg after this shot was taken and then quickly ran back towards the stem.


Who had the last leaf?



Clifford at 7 Months Old
Clifford with Mom in the Background
Clifford's Lily Patch

Clifford is Happy


My Garden

Spiral Ginger

Thai Jasmine

Purple Water Lilies - Top View

Purple Water Lilies - Side View

Laugh Heartily


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