K9 Settles Down

I am very thankful for receiving photo updates of K9 from his adopter.

K9 Exploring The Vast Surrounding

K9 trying to befriend Skippy. Hey! They look alike!

K9 is really fortunate.  Now he gets to 'chase' squirrels, monkeys and birds away from the fruit trees. If he is effective, his adopters might finally get to taste their homegrown fruits before the squirrels do. Fat hopes? Well, realistically, he may be better at catching cockroaches.

I wonder if K9 miss tugging at Goldee and Clifford's ears...


Making A Splash

Clifford Splashing Water - 3 months old.

Clifford Splashing Water - 5 months old

Clifford Splashing Water - 11 months old

Clifford Contented After Making Splashes


Little Santarinas made attempts to cheer Clifford up who seem to miss K9.

A gloomy Santa surrounded by angels.

Goldee remains cheerful.


Good Bye

It's almost time to bade good-bye to 2009. But not yet. Today we said good-bye to K9 first.

A friend dropped by this morning to say good-bye to K9. He said K9 will certainly cry when he has to leave. I thought maybe Clifford is the one who would cry since he adores K9. Guess who cried? I was very surprised myself. I thought I was totally prepared for K9 to leave us but I still cried.

Neighbours came to bade K9 farewell. Looks like K9 has quite a few friends.

I am very comfortable with the family who has adopted K9. They seem like the perfect family for K9. Not only are they loving and caring, they also have a big compound for K9 to show-off his skills as a guard dog.

A hardworking dog is not always appreciated as some may think it is too active or noisy. I am glad this family looks forward to a working dog.  K9 Should fit the bill as a working, companion dog.

The photo that got K9 adopted - posted in Petfinder

K9 behind the wheel

K9's favourite resting spot - underneath the bicycles


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