Good Bye

It's almost time to bade good-bye to 2009. But not yet. Today we said good-bye to K9 first.

A friend dropped by this morning to say good-bye to K9. He said K9 will certainly cry when he has to leave. I thought maybe Clifford is the one who would cry since he adores K9. Guess who cried? I was very surprised myself. I thought I was totally prepared for K9 to leave us but I still cried.

Neighbours came to bade K9 farewell. Looks like K9 has quite a few friends.

I am very comfortable with the family who has adopted K9. They seem like the perfect family for K9. Not only are they loving and caring, they also have a big compound for K9 to show-off his skills as a guard dog.

A hardworking dog is not always appreciated as some may think it is too active or noisy. I am glad this family looks forward to a working dog.  K9 Should fit the bill as a working, companion dog.

The photo that got K9 adopted - posted in Petfinder

K9 behind the wheel

K9's favourite resting spot - underneath the bicycles


  1. when we're attached to something or someone, pain during separation will be inevitable...

    but glad to know K9's doing fine at his new place... i do wonder how his first night at the new place went...

    how's clifford? and just wondering... what will happen to 'pet creek' now that batu and k9 is not around... that's 2 less pets... wanna get replacements?!? heh heh...

  2. K9 was very tense but has settled down.

    We still have 3 dogs!!! Interested in any?



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