Dogs in the Garden

Goldee loves to dig and lie down on moist soil.
This photo was taken one day before K9 was born.
She prepared her nest here.
Clifford was in the way but he didn't know that.

This photo was taken when K9 was 9+ hours old.

This is how the 'nest' looks like now.
It's a makeover.

 Hardscape prevents excessive digging by dogs.


Goldee and Clifford still love to play here.
They sometimes chase each other causing the stones to fly up.

Usually, they just caress each other.


They are very fond of each other.


The Making of a Dragon Fruit (Part 2)

Hand Pollination done 3 weeks ago was successful.
The flower has dried up and the dragon fruit should ripen soon.
This is considered lucky as the first flowers do not always set fruit.

Is it the dragon fruit season? 2 more flowers found blooming.

This time we use a cotton bud instead of a paint brush to pollinate.

There were insects doing the job too but can we rely on them to pollinate successfully?

Here is a dragonfly on a dragon fruit plant waiting for a meal of pollinators.

The presence of dragonflies is an indication that the ecosystem is in good condition, since they are sensitive to pollution.



This is the newest cutie pie called Copper. 


Clifford is allowed to go near Copper for the first time. Clifford is big but harmless.

Copper is small & fat like K9 but didn't smell quite like K9.

This post is to remember Copper since he shall be leaving the neighbourhood soon.



Two cats,
One black, one white,
Fighting in a narrow alley.

White cat says I am right,
Black cat says you don't know what I am saying.

Two cats,
One deaf, one blind,
Fighting in a narrow alley.

Black cat hears the thunder,
White cat sees the lightning.

Two cats,
One smart, one bright,
Fighting in a narrow alley.

Both couldn't concur,
Due to many misunderstandings.

Both cats,
Sense changes in the weather,
Is the storm getting nearer?
Is it already here?

Two cats,
One cold, one wet,
Hiding in a narrow alley.

Time to seek shelter together,
And forgive each other.


The Making of a Dragon Fruit

This brought hope...false hope, as it dropped off like many other flower buds.

This brought more hope. It bloomed last night.

The tall lady with spiky hair (stigma) is surrounded by many short yellow men (anthers). There are no bees working at night, what more in the rain. Using a new paint brush, I transferred the pollens from the anthers to the stigma. Since 10pm was an ideal time for pollination, the task was conducted during the fertile time in the rain.

Now we can only hope that the base of this flower forms a dragon fruit.

If not, there is still fresh hope...


Orb or Mosquito

Since using the digital camera, I find many white spots or even winged shaped stuff appearing in photos regularly. I guess they are usually dust, pollen, mosquitos or moths. Anyway, the white flying object below seem quite unique and has been given some meaning by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.

Angels of love with Michael Chamuel and Gersisa. They are bringing love and ascension to the dogs. (Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell)


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