Caption - Piggy Back Rides

Thank you for the hilarious captions.

Dave : Which way is the sun?

One : I Believe I Can Fly (Song Title)
(Notice the bird shape on the left?)

One :  You are really disgusting! Please chew with your mouth closed!

Solitude Rising : I really suck at this game. I'll just enjoy watching the two of you poke one another with your antlers.

Cathy and Steve : Here, let me help you eat that.

One : You ain't heavy, you are my brother.

Autumn Belle : Tell me, how's the view up there?

Diana : Measurement for a new vest.

Lisa : Spring fever!

Dave : Buzz off! I was here first.

Squirrel Queen : Aw...there's nothing like a good back rub after a hard day at the office!

Cathy and Steve : Aren't you getting a little old for piggy back rides?

Here are 3 more photos.
Can you hear them?
If you do, kindly share with the rest of us.


Camera Critters


World Environment Day

We celebrated World Environment  Day at Central Park in Setia Alam today.

The theme which I find to be really appropriate for the day is "Cycling towards a Green Future".

We were entertained with cycling stunts.

As many as 200 bicycles were awarded to schools and also to winners of various campaigns by our developer, Setia.

We were fortunate to receive 2 new bicycles as a gesture of gratitude from Setia for assisting them in some community work.

Fitness instructors were invited to guide the cyclists in some fun, warm up exercises before the cycling journey began.

Children were provided with acrylic paint and stones to release their energy and creativity.
There were quite a few other activities as well.

Local food with Starbucks Coffee and muffins were served.

I wonder how you celebrate World Environment Day.


Weekend Reflections

Amazing sun rays greeted us on our arrival at the forest reserve in Kuala Selangor.

The lights twinkled.

It may look like a peaceful path.
In reality, it was far from silent.
There were all kinds of creatures singing at different octaves...

A bird glided past in a natural frame above.

The sky was above and beneath.

It was a wonderful place to reflect...
...to look at the bigger picture...
...and so naturally, there are no macros here...

Are you having your weekend reflections too?


Dance to Raise Funds and Votes

In an  effort to raise funds for Japan, my 8 year old niece performed a 2 minute dance during a Cardio Dance Party recently.

She is incredible!
You've got to watch this!
Click on the image to enjoy the dance.
You may have to log into a Facebook account to view since I have extracted the video from Facebook.

Have you enjoyed Desiree's remarkable entertainment?

Apart from fund raising, Desiree is also vote raising for her aunt who is participating in 2 categories of a local blogging contest.

Here's a yellow collage which consists of blooms in my garden as a token of my appreciation for your dropping by and for voting.
The instruction for voting is at the bottom of the post.

This red collage would be for my little niece for helping me raise votes.

Thank you for the incredible dance, Desiree.
Thank you for the support everyone.

...and this paper wasp is to make my post complete.
See, it is smiling!

Onenezz's current rankings for category:
Top LOL : 5
Blogger of the Year : 11

Procedure for voting:
1. Click on a "Support Me!" button above.
2. Scroll down and log into Facebook.
3. Key in the 2-word Captcha and click on 'Vote, located next to it'.

Thank you for your support.



Caption - Water Bag

Anger and tension zap away our energy.
On the hand, laughter recharges us.
Would you rather choose to laugh today?

Stampmouse : Your laughter turns my world upside down.

Jan n Jer : My house is a wreck.

Squirrel Queen : Honey, did you hear the wind howling last night?

Andrea : My father was here.

Lifeshighway : Hey, Ralph stopped by today.

Donna - Green Apple : Boy, did I have a lot to drink last night.

Autumn Belle : After I finish drinking this potion, I'll never grow old.

Jan n Jer : Life in a bubble.

Diana : Practicing Yoga balance.

Sheila : Just can't get the hang of this exercise ball.

Duke 118 : Honey, we've got to get to the hospital now. My water bag just broke.

Above are 3 new photos for your caption imagination.
While I attempt to post photos of nature that hopefully bring some smiles to your face, I trust you would also attempt to keep the blog clean and hopefully the mind too.
Before you put the blame on me for your wild thoughts, let me share my caption for the last photo.
"You ain't  heavy, you are my brother."

Hear from you soon.

For those who contributed to the captions, thank you for making us laugh.

  Camera Critters


Adapting to Change

Have you ever heard a tune and find yourself humming the tune repeatedly?
I have just seen a photo and the image stayed, my heart hurts and I know I must share this.

Where there should be snow, instead there is a field of purple flowers, confusing this polar bear

The above photo is taken from Mail Online.
You may view all the beautiful photos and read the entire story by petting the bear on its head with the touch pad or mouse.
It is about the polar bear missing the snow and losing the ability to camouflage due to the change in climate.
I hope the bear doesn't turn purple but white flowers bloom abundantly instead.
Even then, the polar bear may miss feeding on ice.
I guess we human do encounter changes in our environment and learn to adapt as well.

Back in my garden, there are green grasshoppers that camouflage well amongst the leaves.

However, there is a white grasshopper that stands out which reminds me of the polar bear.
Will there come a day when we encounter snow in the tropics?
Will we adapt?
Let's live in the present moment and enjoy what we have today.
Who knows, they may be gone tomorrow.
Meanwhile trust that we would be able to adapt to changes...


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