Dance to Raise Funds and Votes

In an  effort to raise funds for Japan, my 8 year old niece performed a 2 minute dance during a Cardio Dance Party recently.

She is incredible!
You've got to watch this!
Click on the image to enjoy the dance.
You may have to log into a Facebook account to view since I have extracted the video from Facebook.

Have you enjoyed Desiree's remarkable entertainment?

Apart from fund raising, Desiree is also vote raising for her aunt who is participating in 2 categories of a local blogging contest.

Here's a yellow collage which consists of blooms in my garden as a token of my appreciation for your dropping by and for voting.
The instruction for voting is at the bottom of the post.

This red collage would be for my little niece for helping me raise votes.

Thank you for the incredible dance, Desiree.
Thank you for the support everyone.

...and this paper wasp is to make my post complete.
See, it is smiling!

Onenezz's current rankings for category:
Top LOL : 5
Blogger of the Year : 11

Procedure for voting:
1. Click on a "Support Me!" button above.
2. Scroll down and log into Facebook.
3. Key in the 2-word Captcha and click on 'Vote, located next to it'.

Thank you for your support.



  1. Your daughter very talented and pretty. Follow mama? I got distracted taking critters photo this week.Maybe people think its your blog not mine ;-).

  2. Desiree is really cute! She really knows her steps! You must be really proud of your talented niece.
    The collages are beautiful! The paper wasp is indeed smiling, perhaps he knows that victory is just round the corner!
    It is a pleasure to vote for you, One! :)

  3. Wow she is so talented! I only know some 'broken' chacha, haha.
    Can vote twice? Let me try... :)

  4. She is really talented. Hard to believe she is only eight. Nice photos today and your vote for today are submitted. You did not need to bribe us! LOL. I did paper wasps today too on GWGT. I will throw in a link to your site. Donna

  5. Great collages! And what a sweet paper wasp smile.
    That's wonderful that your niece is dancing to raise funds to help with Japan's recovery. It's nice to learn that youngsters can be so conscientious and involved at such a young age.

  6. I would have helped you with pleasure, but, unfortunately, I don't have a FB account... :(
    The collages are so nice!

  7. 1,2 Cha Cha Cha....

    and 1,2 here you are...

  8. she is really very talented and dancing for a good cause - I have already cast my vote - hope you win! That paper wasp photo is amazing, but they have a very nasty sting so watch out!

  9. She is adorable. Once again, incredible collage.

  10. That paper wasp photo is fabulous! Are you sure he is smiling - it looks more like a leer to me :-)

    Congratulations on your Fabulous Friday challenge win!!!

  11. Wonderful collage. Voted for you! All the best.
    Everyone can be proud of Desiree.

  12. The collages are great, sorry I don't facebook..

  13. great photos love,.. the smiling wasp!

  14. I am not sure what that flower just opening is in the middle right, top mosaic, but that is an incredible shot. I wish you would have these separately on your blog. That would have made a great lighting entry. The photos are too easily missed unless they are clicked to enlarge.

  15. The wasp at the end is smiling at you because you are such an insect friendly person--it knows! I don't have a facebook account so I guess I can't vote?

  16. Wonderful collage! Once again the red plumeria grabbed my attention.

  17. You must be so proud of your niece! She is adorable. I love your collages, though i am totally jealous of your bug photos!

  18. thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

  19. Lovely mosaics! You even made the paper wasp look good! Have a terrific weekend.

  20. Terrific photo work... Happy Friday!!

  21. Desiree has got talent! Your collages are beautiful and the wasp very well done. Congratulations on your latest rating!

  22. great post today!!! I am loving the wasp with the big grin on his face!!! thanks for linking in this week!

  23. She is very talented! And I love your paper wasp photo...a nice photo to bring in a holiday weekend! :)

  24. Wow -- great capture on the wasp! Well done.



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