Beautiful Surroundings

We are staying in this relatively new housing development called Setia Alam.
The land used to be a palm oil estate.
Today we decided to explore around us before the entire piece of land is completely developed.

What you see above are chopped palm trees in a swampy area.

The greens are slowly disappearing...giving way to new developments.

I noted that this developer constantly propagate plants in some secluded area to beautify the landscape.
I like them because they do place a lot of importance in recreating a green environment.

The above are 2 of the plants that captured my attention.
We left the nursery and explored the wild flowers which looked just as beautiful.

The pink and yellow flowers come from the same plant as you can see below.

As usual, I love to add some bugs to my posts.
Somehow, it feels complete.

I had received comments before on why my posts usually contain many creatures of nature like dragonflies, damselflies and even a heron.
The reasons could be because we are surrounded by undeveloped land and also due to the careful planning by the developer.

I'll like to link this post to A Plant Fanatic In Hawaii where hot gardens are being flaunted.


Mt Fuji Morning Glory

Mt Fuji Morning Glory is one of my favourite flowers but I found them a little too delicate.
They flowered and withered very fast when I grew them in pots.
One day, I decided to sow a few seeds in the crevice of this wooden cable drum which I am using as a recycled table.

I am so glad I did this as the blooms are bigger and the vine a whole lot stronger compared to the ones grown in pots.
Clifford can't stop admiring them too.

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference.


Genius Loci

Gardening Gone Wild has this contest that requires the contestants to capture 'Genius Loci' of an atmosphere.

I know I am late for the contest.
Exactly ONE hour late.
Genius Loci is such a big word to me. 
I needed time to digest the meaning and even more time to capture the moment.

It would have been easier if I have not been so adamant about capturing photos only from my own garden.
Anyway, here it is; my wilting sunflower with magical sun rays as the back drop.


I'm linking this to Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt your Flowers at Tootsie Time.
Thanks to Glenda for being the host.


Meaning of Chrysanthemum

What does Chrysanthemum mean to you?

It used to mean a drink to me.
It is common to find chrysanthemum tea in restaurants here.
Many people purchase the dried flowers from Chinese Medical Stores and boil them at home.
This concoction can be drunk regularly since it is refreshing and comes with many health benefits.

Chrysanthemums are popular in happy occasions like weddings and also usually the choice of flower used on tables arrangements during functions and events.
Chrysanthemums symbolize cheerfulness for some and yet it may be a symbol of death for others and displayed at graveyards.

Freshly cut Chrysanthemums are normally displayed in vases at Buddhist Associations.
The purpose is to remind all that everything is impermanent; just like the fragrance and the freshness of the flowers.
It serves as a reminder to value and appreciate the present moment.

One single item can have a positive or negative connotation depending on how we give it meaning.

Do you see anything wrong with the photo above?
Notice chrysanthemum  flowers on lotus leaves?
I thought they look nice, blending well as if they belong there.
You see, one of my fish died in the lotus pot.
I asked this 10 year old boy if he could help me remove it.
5 minutes later, I found flowers all over the pot.
When questioned, he replied that he was offering flowers to the dead fish before removing it.
Actually I find him quite amusing.

Although I thought he decorated the flowers well, I asked him to remove them immediately ... after a few snapshots.
I do not know if those flowers contained insecticide and do not want to risk other fish dying too.
And so ... he removed all the flowers promptly ... except the dead fish.


Lion & Dragon Dance

Lion Dance and Dragon Dance are normally seen during festive celebrations.


For the last 2 years, we had two lions performed in our house during Chinese New Year.
Both times were sponsored by the developer because I won their contests.

These lions performed at our community hall recently.
They were very much well liked by the young and the young at heart.

On a separate night, 4 lions and a dragon performed at the same place.
The performers are actually students from a private school nearby.
'Dragons' are rare.
You may have noticed that very strong arms are required to carry the dragon.
Their teamwork is amazing.
It was a definitely a delight to see them perform ... for most of us.

As for this little girl, the loud drum beats must have hurt her delicate ear drums.


Who Stole The Coconut?

Someone stole a coconut from the flower bed.
Who could that be?
Sing along to the tune of 'Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar'.

Who stole the coconut from the flower bed?
Pichu stole the coconut from the flower bed.

Who me?
Yeah you!
Couldn't be!
Then who?

Clifford stole the coconut from the flower bed.
Who me?
Yeah you!
Couldn't be!
Then who?

Goldee stole the coconut from the flower bed.
Who me?
Yeah you!

Goldee is destroying the evidence...

... with her assistant taking over as shredding is physically demanding for her age.

Partners in Crime



Mix Colours






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These are today's blooms of Evening Sunflowers.

The seeds were sent to me in December 2010 by Diana of Kebun Malay-Kadazan girls, all the way from Australia.

I am writing to show my appreciation on the effort she took to send me the seeds.
They sure don't look like seeds anymore.

Some of them have grown to be 2m tall, just like what I was told by Diana.
There are many blooms coming up and they are beautifying my garden during this Chinese New Year.

I am thankful that Diana has chosen me as one of her seed giveaway recipients.
I am thankful that the weather here is suitable for Evening Sunflowers.
I am thankful that I have enough space to grow them.
I am thankful that they are blooming during this period of time.
I am thankful that there are praying mantises protecting the flowers.

The praying mantis is thankful that there are ample of food here.
What are you thankful for today?

I must add that I'm thankful for Ann's post today about Let the Sun Flower which features even more delightful sunflower blooms at The Garden Spot.

I'm linking this post to Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time.
Thanks to Tootsie for the encouragement to flaunt our flowers.


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