Lion & Dragon Dance

Lion Dance and Dragon Dance are normally seen during festive celebrations.


For the last 2 years, we had two lions performed in our house during Chinese New Year.
Both times were sponsored by the developer because I won their contests.

These lions performed at our community hall recently.
They were very much well liked by the young and the young at heart.

On a separate night, 4 lions and a dragon performed at the same place.
The performers are actually students from a private school nearby.
'Dragons' are rare.
You may have noticed that very strong arms are required to carry the dragon.
Their teamwork is amazing.
It was a definitely a delight to see them perform ... for most of us.

As for this little girl, the loud drum beats must have hurt her delicate ear drums.


  1. I love the drum beat of the Lion Dance song and of course the lions and the dragons dancing and climbing the poles. Amazing acrobats!

  2. You will definitely have a very prosperous year of the Rabbit.

    The louder the drum beat, the wealthier you will be.

  3. I love dragons and would love to see a ceremony like this some day...

  4. It would be nice to have more dragon dances. I caught one dragon dance myself at a party.

  5. These costumes are so beautiful. I think your lions are really colorful but not easy to tell they are lions. The dragon is easy to tell. The festive celebration would be a wonderful thing to see in person, as it seems like such a happy affair. I bet there is much symbolism involved.

  6. This year Ipoh had the most quiet CNY ever. I didn't hear or see a lion dance this year. We booked one in my office, but it didn't turn up. No 'ong' for me lar this year..

  7. What a festive event that you've captured! Looks like a lot of fun and so colorful! Did you take these shots with your new camera?!

  8. Very festive indeed. ... On many occasions I saw pulling the angpaw down as the final act. Last week I saw salad pulled down and munched by the lion as the final act, at Pantai Timur Supermarket here. Then the bits were strewn all over.....

  9. Congratulations on having the lions come to your house to perform! I think the dragon is amazing. I can see that it takes a lot of strength and coordination. The students are great!

  10. What an amazing show to see! The costumes are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your evening.

  11. What a treat! Dragon dances are so colorful. I always am impressed with how expressive the animated dragon is during these dances.

  12. Yes, what a treat, for we do not have Dragon dances here, perhaps in Denver 80 miles to the south where there is a larger Asian community, but not here in the north of the state. As for your question in today's post as the Garden Spot, what's next? Sheep. My husband wants 3 sheep. Why? He is reliving his childhood, as he grew up on a farm. Too bad you don't have music to add to your lovely Dragon Dancing, but I am using my imagination. cheers. ann



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