Meaning of Chrysanthemum

What does Chrysanthemum mean to you?

It used to mean a drink to me.
It is common to find chrysanthemum tea in restaurants here.
Many people purchase the dried flowers from Chinese Medical Stores and boil them at home.
This concoction can be drunk regularly since it is refreshing and comes with many health benefits.

Chrysanthemums are popular in happy occasions like weddings and also usually the choice of flower used on tables arrangements during functions and events.
Chrysanthemums symbolize cheerfulness for some and yet it may be a symbol of death for others and displayed at graveyards.

Freshly cut Chrysanthemums are normally displayed in vases at Buddhist Associations.
The purpose is to remind all that everything is impermanent; just like the fragrance and the freshness of the flowers.
It serves as a reminder to value and appreciate the present moment.

One single item can have a positive or negative connotation depending on how we give it meaning.

Do you see anything wrong with the photo above?
Notice chrysanthemum  flowers on lotus leaves?
I thought they look nice, blending well as if they belong there.
You see, one of my fish died in the lotus pot.
I asked this 10 year old boy if he could help me remove it.
5 minutes later, I found flowers all over the pot.
When questioned, he replied that he was offering flowers to the dead fish before removing it.
Actually I find him quite amusing.

Although I thought he decorated the flowers well, I asked him to remove them immediately ... after a few snapshots.
I do not know if those flowers contained insecticide and do not want to risk other fish dying too.
And so ... he removed all the flowers promptly ... except the dead fish.


  1. I enjoy the story.

    The boy is good, and is a boy in the end.

    We are too old to be either a girl or a boy by now, or we will be labelled "gaga".

  2. these flowers were passed along to me by my mother in law..when she passed away I made sure I had some pieces of her prized plants...when they appear every late summer/fall, I am reminded of her fondly...

  3. The story of the boy's offering was so cute. Your images are really stunning today and the Buddhist philosophy is so true. All is impermanent, like the flowers,but even the hard stone of the earth. Weather and water wears on all as Mother Nature intended. Change is renewing. Where one goes another comes.

  4. What a wonderful story, especially the boy just placing the flowers without asking you because it was the natural thing for him to do. Your fish must be very happy where it went when it died. I like the concept of reminding ourselves of the impermanence of life so we can enjoy each moment as it occurs--so important and so hard to do.

  5. Great story, sounds like my boys - you tell them to do one thing, and they do something else instead.
    For me, chrysanthemums mean autumn, that's when they bloom the most here...

  6. Too cute. Is this boy the same as the neighbor you feature in one of your previous posts? Sitting on a wall I think?

  7. Chrysathemums here are Mother's Day flowers. They are at their peak in May when we celebrate Mother's Day so they are a very special flower.

  8. Hello One. Here Chrysanthemums are the herald of fall. Their brilliant colors signal the change of the seasons. I love them and you have told a lovely story of tradition and kindness. Great photos, as well. cheers. ann

  9. What a sweet boy. Since you use the Chrysanthemum in tea I'm surprised that it might be considered toxic to fish. I guess different species handle toxins differently.

  10. very nice story indeed and a funny one too.
    I wonder whether these are known as daisy (the first few pictures)

  11. I love chrysanthemums and have several varieties growing in my garden. Like Ann, I always associate them with fall, and I love the way they smell.

  12. You really have very good writting and photo taking skill!
    Your boy must be very kind heart to offer flowers to dead fish soul!

  13. Chrysanthemums are indeed lovely! They are an all "occasion flowers". The little boy is thoughtful and kind. What he did is really sweet!

  14. First, i want to say that your photos are getting better everyday. I somehow envy the power of that PnS more than my DSLR, haha. 2nd, this post has lots of deep meanings and i love your subtlety in conveying many ideas. Then i like the respect of the boy for the fish, the dead, etc, etc. On the surface it is amusing, but it actually conveys a lot. Lastly, the boy is a teacher, for you, for me, for us! Thank you for posting such meaningful post. We are ONE!



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