Beautiful Surroundings

We are staying in this relatively new housing development called Setia Alam.
The land used to be a palm oil estate.
Today we decided to explore around us before the entire piece of land is completely developed.

What you see above are chopped palm trees in a swampy area.

The greens are slowly disappearing...giving way to new developments.

I noted that this developer constantly propagate plants in some secluded area to beautify the landscape.
I like them because they do place a lot of importance in recreating a green environment.

The above are 2 of the plants that captured my attention.
We left the nursery and explored the wild flowers which looked just as beautiful.

The pink and yellow flowers come from the same plant as you can see below.

As usual, I love to add some bugs to my posts.
Somehow, it feels complete.

I had received comments before on why my posts usually contain many creatures of nature like dragonflies, damselflies and even a heron.
The reasons could be because we are surrounded by undeveloped land and also due to the careful planning by the developer.

I'll like to link this post to A Plant Fanatic In Hawaii where hot gardens are being flaunted.


  1. I love seeing little bugs and yours are always so interesting to look at One. It's very good that your developer has taken a keen interest in the surroundings - it looks lovely now - I really hope you don't loose too much green space.

  2. Lovely looking place :) I do miss the tropics, we don't visit it enough

  3. I loved your blooming color today. Even the bug is bright dressed in red. Whatever those two yellow and white flowers are, they really are beautiful. I wish they would grow here. And your developer, he is doing a great job of making the surroundings lush and green.

  4. I love bugs too but nowhere near as good as capturing them on camera as you are. Looks like it will become a very beautiful place.

  5. beautiful flowers..good to hear a developer plants areas so it is not al chopped down...love the red bugs :)

  6. Looking at these pictures really makes me want to visit your country. It is so hard to believe that what we call "exotic plants" grow right at your doorstep.

  7. I visited the Setia Alam website; I love ponds, trees, and also small critters. This must be a great place.

  8. I like how the developer saves the greens for the area. It is a lovely place to stay.

  9. Beautiful tour, thanks for showing us this unique area.

  10. One, i remember they said that Putrajaya was once an oil palm plantation, now i really love how it looks like, a far cry from the plantation it was! Your area seems to have a lagoon too, is it man-made or natural? What about that red bug, is it a baby or mature, i havent seen it here yet. Maybe because i am usually looking at the plants, not on the bugs!

  11. You live in a very nice nieghbourhood. Once we were contemplating to buy a house in Setia Alam when we return to tanahair.

  12. The bugs n all are as much a part of the garden n nature around us... so guess they are beautiful add ons to the blog. Lovely pictures!

  13. Rosie, I am glad there is someone like you who also enjoy looking at bugs.

    Mark and Gaz, I wonder which part of the tropics you have been to.

    Donna of GWGT, The blooms are gorgeous but I find the leaves too large for the flowers. Otherwise, I would grow them too.

    Missy, Glad to have another person who loves bugs. I thought many people would think I'm nuts. I have a whole big folder of bug photos which I never posted.

    Donna of GardenEyesView, This developer has done a good job. I have not shown the landscape here yet. What I've shown is the undeveloped areas.

    Masha, What is common for you would be exotic for me.

    Rainfield, I am quite sure you would love this place. I can tell from the photos you have taken. :)

    Milka, There is a lot of green here. I have not gone around to take photos yet. The ones I showed are the undeveloped ones. I take those first since they may not be around for long.

    Noel, Glad you enjoyed it. I have enjoyed your tour too.

    Andrea, It is true that Putrajaya is a beautiful place. Far better than a palm oil plantation. The photo shows a swampy area. I am sure it will look very different in the next few years since a big mall is being currently built just opposite that spot.

    The red bug is a baby. I have the photo of its mother too. It has a black back side and the red is deeper. I didn't expect anyone to ask this question. :)

  14. Diana, Do let me know if you ever contemplate to buy a house here again.

    Ever Green Tree, I thought so too but many bugs may be harmful to the plants although a delight to the birds.

  15. Plumeria and bugs look very interesting and pretty... you are lucky to have such nice surroundings...

  16. Wonderful flowers. No wonder the bugs love them too.

  17. You live in such a lovely place! And what beautiful flowers you can enjoy! I expecially loved the Plumeria.

  18. These seem like such exotic looking flowers to my Canadian eyes. I love the yellow flower with the long petals. Our bugs aren't nearly as colorful either.
    P.S. You were asking about the dogs and how I control them in your comment on my blog. Well, the dogs routinely terrorize my flower beds in the back garden. Scrap goes ripping down the yard chasing squirrels, who just laugh down at him from the tree tops. Spring is the hardest time. I put up fencing and wire cages around the emerging plants. Once summer comes the garden is so full that the dogs prefer not to negotiate their way through the jungle and there is much less plant loss.

  19. The wild flowers are really pretty. The red bug looks quite a picture against the yellow flower and the green leaf. Nice photos, as always! :)



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