Nibbling Flowers

A few days ago, I found a grasshopper nibbling my canna lily leaves.
What comes to your mind when you see this grasshopper destroying the leaves?

To be honest, what came to my mind was 'green against green'.
If the grasshopper were to move towards those striking blooming flowers, then it may look more attractive.
(Did someone say Nuts!?)
Anyway, the point here is to be careful what you wish for because wishes are almost always granted.

As expected, today, the grasshopper peeped at me from behind the Canna Yellow King Humbert!

This time, the grasshopper definitely stood out among the canna lilies.

It thanked me for such delicious flowers.

It was however a little upset that I took shots from all angles including his backside.

It started to get annoyed when I continued clicking!
Can you see its facial expression change from being upset to being annoyed?
(Did someone say Nuts again?)
I am thankful that the grasshopper did not notice my spinach.

Advise for the Day
Be grateful for what the grasshopper did not eat.

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Be rest assured that if you Click on 'Follow', the little critters would not follow you to your garden.
They are quite happy here.

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Caption - Stripes is In

Many a times, we may be looking at the same photo but yet we seem to see and understand it differently.
I find it very amusing that some of you think the brown lizard is peeping at some hot girl.

Kitchen Flavours : Did you see her? Ok, it's my turn now.

Bananaz : Stop playing 'Guess Who'! My lunch gonna hop away soon.

Anna : Thanks pal. I needed to get a-head.

Solitude Rising : Hehehe...go ahead look up there while I will have a feast down here...
(Personal note to SR - You must be hungry. Previously you were waiting for the larva to drop in your mouth.)

I really love these jail captions! LOL!

Kitchen Flavours : I can't wait for graduation day!

Luna Miranda : Stripes is in!

Hootin' Anni's : Grafitti! It's illegal here?!!!

Two new photos below.
The first one consists of a wasp, a worm and a black ant.

Actually I can hear what Clifford is saying with his head in a hole but I'll wait for your creative captions and comments.
Have a fun week ahead!

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Oneness at Onenezz

Can you visualize oneness?

These snow monkeys are embracing at the edge of a hot spring, Jigokudani, Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, Japan

Young African elephants with their trunks entwined in Masai Mara, Kenya

When I saw the above photos from DailyMail, I thought they depicted onenezz.
Below are the onenezz I see at home.

I do not have monkeys and elephants at home...yet.
Do you have photos of onenezz to share?
I look forward to viewing them.


Funny Answers By Students

In my last Caption post, I shared a photo of a man in jail under the stair case of a primary school.

Here are some of the possible reasons why school kids might end up there.

The funny answers above are extracted from Edvantage.

In case the first photo bothers you, let me elaborate a little about it.
The intention of the school was to inform students that drug trafficking can lead them to jail.
(Actually in our country, it leads to a death sentence.)

The painting of happy children learning and playing outside the jail shows that we have a choice as to where we want to be.
Nevertheless the sight of the man in jail made me jumped when I first came across it.
Be assured that those students who came up with such funny answers didn't end up in this jail.

I have some awesome photos that I would like to share with you today.
Please check out Gold Dragonfly and White Grasshopper.


Caption - Shall We Dance?

Thank you for your wonderful comments and hilarious captions.
Enjoy the few captions that have been selected and listed below.

Luna Miranda : Myna 1 - Where is that tramp who ruffled your feathers?
Myna 2 - She isn't a tramp. She works in a hair salon!

Donna : Wife - I told you, you are staying home tonight with me to watch the chick flick.
Husband - Yes dear, whatever you say dear.

Anna : Birdy Bodybuilder 1 - My pects are bigger than yours!
Birdy Bodybuilder 2 - No way! Look at mine!

Bananaz : Myna 1 - Caught you red feathered! Fowl play behind my back!
Myna 2 : Where got! No fowl play. Those feathers are mine. You've never heard of ageing and greying?!

Cathy and Steve : Hen-pecked.

Luna Miranda : Aha! You are the answer to my prayers!

Anna : All wrapped up in love, or not?!

Bananaz : Richard G Mantis holding J Lo Fly with its spiked forelegs and whispered softly, "Shall we dance?"

Fer:  And now, let's tango.

The above are 2 new photos awaiting your captions.
I found the latter under the staircase in a school!
Eagerly awaiting your captions and thoughts...

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Bloom Day with Onenezz

I want to thank everyone who have been voting for Onenezz in the Digi Wwwow Contest. 
I was informed that Onenezz was in the top running 6 for the Top LOL category but did not emerge as the winner.
Thank you once again.
Your support and effort have been much appreciated.

I have been redesigning my small garden and here are some snapshots of what I see this morning.
Canna Lily with rain droplets.
Yes, it's been raining. Thank goodness!
A pathway has been created.
Lawn has been removed.
I am still looking out for an ideal ground cover.
Any suggestions?

 I love my spinach and am thankful that I have grown some in a big pot.

Goldee loves spinach too and just chewed up one spinach plant from the vegetable bed just now!!!

There are many sugar apples right now. 
Those tendrils belong to a grape plant.
The sugar apple tree double up as a trellis for the grape plant.

Thanks to my brother whom has been fertilizing my plants during his visit from Canada, the Thai Jasmine has more profuse blooms now.

The above is a firecracker plant or Russelia.
If I keep up with my brother's regular fertilizing schedule, I guess these will start cracking real soon.

These buds will be more beautiful tomorrow but I can't wait till tomorrow.
Today is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Hop over for more blooms!



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