Caption - Stripes is In

Many a times, we may be looking at the same photo but yet we seem to see and understand it differently.
I find it very amusing that some of you think the brown lizard is peeping at some hot girl.

Kitchen Flavours : Did you see her? Ok, it's my turn now.

Bananaz : Stop playing 'Guess Who'! My lunch gonna hop away soon.

Anna : Thanks pal. I needed to get a-head.

Solitude Rising : Hehehe...go ahead look up there while I will have a feast down here...
(Personal note to SR - You must be hungry. Previously you were waiting for the larva to drop in your mouth.)

I really love these jail captions! LOL!

Kitchen Flavours : I can't wait for graduation day!

Luna Miranda : Stripes is in!

Hootin' Anni's : Grafitti! It's illegal here?!!!

Two new photos below.
The first one consists of a wasp, a worm and a black ant.

Actually I can hear what Clifford is saying with his head in a hole but I'll wait for your creative captions and comments.
Have a fun week ahead!

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  1. First pic:
    "Ok i'm leaving, you got my lunch anyway..."

    Good luck everybody!

  2. I didn't even finish with the appetizer and here comes the main course.

  3. Ant: So that's how it's done. Now if I can only find a worm smaller than me.

  4. #1. Wasp-up! Didnt you receive my text message? Our Queen wanna have turkey this Thanksgiving!

    #2. Let sleeping dogs lie, give me a break will ya!

    p/s Nice shot of the wasp, worm & ant. Clifford hope I read your mind right..haha.

  5. #1. King of the hill and top of the food chain!
    #2. Dog tired!!!

    I enjoy the captions each week! They start my day with a smile :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry, I didn't notice that Clifford has his nose in the ground...

    So revising.........

    Clifford Caption: "Her-r-r-e Mousey, Mousey"

    Insect Caption: "Table for Two?"

    Ps...thanks for picking my caption. Your posts are always a lot of fun!!

  8. Hahaha! Great captions!
    Thanks for "displaying" mine!

    1. Sorry, little ant, early wasp catches the worm!
    2. I'm maybe ain't no hound dog, but I'm pretty sure this ain't no rabbit hole!

  9. These are great photos, and I love some of the captions you got for last week!

    #2 "Helllllllllo. anyone home??"

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  10. I think you already have a lot of great captions from the commenters. Looks like Clifford is checking for some warning signs of an earthquake or tsunami? Or did he smell a rat?

  11. Bee: See, you guys...I made it to the top of the mountain and this is my prize. Don’t mess with me Mr. Ant.

    Clifford: What is this about climbing a mountain...all I want to do is plop right here and chill.

  12. Enjoying all your funny shots! I love Clifford's antics!

  13. Great entries you got here. Love the way you capture your subjects.

    Hope to see u in my first ever ruby tuesday entry. :)

  14. haha, i like what you PS to SR! I will wait what he'll say! I didn't see what you all saw! I am at the different wavelength.

    Ant: wait till i get bigger Mr Wasp!
    Clifford: don't mess up with me i'm resting!

  15. Clifford is pretending like an ostrich i guess, cute!

  16. One, maybe its just a manifestation of my subconscious appetite for bugs and critters...LOL.

    Here's my contribution.

    Clifford: I don't remember burying that doggone bone that deep.

  17. #2. Clifford held his breath for 19 minutes and 51 seconds, breaking the world record in 'breath-holding in a hole'.
    Do Not Try This At Home! It is extremely dangerous and should only be undertaken by a skilled, trained professional DOG.

  18. Terrific!! love the wasp...

  19. Clifford: Oh crap! I just heard that clicking sound again. Why can't One just leave me alone?

  20. Ha, ha, ha... lovely post.
    Thank you for smile :)

  21. Great shots, love your Clifford.

  22. Wonderful post! I can always use a laugh.
    I'm your new follower!



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