Clifford and his Baby

Is Clifford having Sweet Dreams or a Nightmare?

In the night, Clifford takes care of a toad.

In the day, Clifford takes care of his 'baby' instead.

Oh No! His 'baby' is awake!


"Somebody, help me get him to sleep!!!"

"This is exhausting..."

"I need 40 winks."


"Thank goodness it was all only a dream."


Clifford and the Toad

Is this the work of an evil witch?

The toad entertains Clifford with jokes and tales.

A Peck

A Hug

Clifford is glad that the spell isn't broken.


Everything Comes To An End

This cat had brought a lot of joy to the neighbourhood.
She loved to be petted, enjoyed bicycle rides and often tagged along at one's heel like a dog.
 She even approached me to be petted when Goldee and Clifford were around.
She was an AMAZING cat.

We thought she was here to stay.
Forgetting that everything comes to an end someday.
We found a patch of grey,
That was motionless on the road yesterday.

In March, came this stray,
In April , she went away.
What will happen in the month of May?


Clifford and the Cat

This is a loving dog.

This is a wary cat.

Let's put them together.

Oops! Not ready for a peaceful and harmonious coexistence yet.
Try again another day.


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