Garden Lizards - Big and Small

Frangipani also known as Plumeria is one of my favourite plants. 
Not only are the flowers beautiful, so is the shape of the tree.

This particular red frangipani is propagated in a pot to be given to a blogger friend.
As it has becomed top heavy, I leaned it against a big tree to prevent it from falling over.
Do you spot a tree lizard climbing up the frangipani above?

Sometimes we spot small garden lizards.
The one below is resting on a lotus leaf which is floating on water.

Blogging from Bolivia

At other times, we see huge ones too.

This one looked really ferocious when it opened its mouth wide with its tongue sticking out.
Can you imagine?
Lizards are beneficial to man.
They prey on small critters including garden pests.
However, a big one can swallow a chicken.

Well, I'm thankful there are no coyotes here.

After reading the comments, I need to add here that the dog in the photo is my neighbour's dog.
I wouldn't have allowed my dog this near to a monitor lizard.

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Caption - Have you 'herd'?

I'm truly amazed with the captions received last week. 
I enjoy them very much and I hope you do too.

Rosie :  Have you "Herd" that there's a queue forming for jumping over the moon?
(Rosie, I'm borrowing your idea for the title.)

Rainfield : Oh wait!!! Nancy is not yet here.
(Rainfield, Nancy is here; the second one from the right. Yeah, her face can't be seen.)

Milka : 1 Malaysia. 
(Captions was suggested by Milka's little girl. I wonder if she saw multiple races?)

Kala : Moo do you think you're looking at?!

"And if you look to our left, you'll see a perfect example of the American tourist with an iPhone!"

"It's very nice, but we really were looking for something closer to town, not the range.

One : That's the Calfetaria, over on the left.

Blogging from Bolivia

This week, I'm posting 2 photos. 
For those who don't speak toad language, hopefully you speak snail language.
Do let me know what they are saying.
Selected captions would be posted with a link to your blog next week.

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Paper Wasp's Nursery

Paper wasp are insects that build their nests with papery material.
The nest is constructed by the collection of dead wood material and mixing them with saliva.
Amazingly, the nest is water resistant.

This particular nest suspended from a ficus tree branch in my garden.

The nest is a nursery with one larvae to each cell.
I could see the larvae move in and out.

Wasps are considered beneficial insects by gardeners.

The larvae are fed on chewed up caterpillars.
Adults wasps themselves feed on nectar.

I observed that the wasp occasionally push the larvae back into the cell with their legs.

I took this shot because it looked cute.
I am selecting this bum shot to enter  Picture This Contest at Gardening Gone Wild.

An adult admiring the baby.
(Just kidding.)

When a wasp from another nest flew over, they fought.

The adult wasps are very protective and one stared at me with a very stern face.
I thank them for not stinging me.
I guess they did not feel threatened.

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Leaf Beetles

Oh dear, oh dear!
The leaf beetles are here. 
Didn't they leave after my pumpkin harvest last year?
Why is this one resting on my Zinnia?

They have a special knack,
To track down their favourite snack.
Now they are all back,
For the watermelon attack.

Titty fruit leaves, soft and furry,
Also tasty, crunchy and yummy.
When it has filled up its tummy,
I hope it doesn't start a family.


Blogging from Bolivia      

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Caption - Tales of a Tail

A very BIG thank you to everyone who have commented and participated in Caption Fun last week.
To all those who said they were not good at captions, hidden talent has been discovered.

Some introduction:

Clifford : Black
Goldee : Not Black

Clifford : Son
Goldee : Mom

Below is what Goldee said:

P3Chandan : "Stop bugging me, you are ruining my hair!"

Rosie : "Stop tailgating."

Let's hear it from Clifford :

Andrea : "Tell me the truth. Am I really adopted?"

Fishtail Cottage : "Mom, don't forget about me."

Malar : "I'm not letting you go until you tell me why I'm black."

Donna of GWGT : "Give me some tail."

One : Clifford said with reference to the tail, "Give me back my furry blankie!"

I hope you have enjoyed the above captions as much as I do.

What comes to mind when you see these 5 cows?
I would love to hear from you.
Please speak your mind NOW without putting too much thought to it.
Selected captions would be posted with a link to your blog next Wednesday.
Thank you in advance.

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Today I am sharing a message which I received from "Glimpse of the Day".

To contemplate impermanence on its own is not enough: You have to work with it in your life. Let’s try an experiment. Pick up a coin. Imagine that it represents the object at which you are grasping. Hold it tightly clutched in your fist and extend your arm, with the palm of your hand facing the ground. Now if you let go or relax your grip, you will lose what you are clinging to. That’s why you hold on.
But there’s another possibility: You can let go and yet keep hold of it. With your arm still outstretched, turn your hand over so that it faces the sky. Release your hand and the coin still rests on your open palm. You let go. And the coin is still yours, even with all this space around it.
So there is a way in which we can accept impermanence and still relish life, at one and the same time, without grasping.

So what is in your mind after reading this? 
What if we change the coin to dollar notes and leave them on the palm?
Would the notes stay on the palm? 
Would the wind blow them away? 
Would someone snatch them away? 
I guess I haven't got the point. 
I know it is something to ponder about. 
Perhaps you could enlighten me.

This is a baby sparrow which I did not grasp at but it rested on my palm.
It was the bird that was grasping, not me.
Is this what it means by letting go and yet holding on?

A baby sparrow has a tendency to grasp.


Shades of Orange

Here are some of the items with shades of orange in the garden.

Top view of Moon Cactus.
With barely any care for the last 6 months, this yellow-orange moon cactus still look gorgeous, doesn't it?

They are grown in between cabbage plants.
I don't know exactly what the marigold did, but I certainly managed to harvest all my cabbages this time and in good shape too.

Geiger Flower Tree
A row of these trees are grown by the developer in front of my house.
They look good from this direction.
Lots of fallen dried leaves and fruits on the opposite direction.

These are thriving despite daily rain last month and rainless days this month.

Titty Fruit (Solanum mammosum)
These are not edible but I think they look cute.

See the peace symbol?
We use our fingers, the bug uses its antennae.

Orange beetle.
What could it be up to?

Skipper - not a true butterfly nor a moth.
More of this in another post.

It's purpose is to ensure no mosquito larvae in my lotus pot.
Sometimes I scoop up some of the water and fish waste to add to the compost pile.

My favourite orange items would have to be these 3 dragonflies.
I have yet to see them catch their prey.
So far, I've only seen a spider eating a caterpillar and a praying mantis eating a fly.

Visit May Dreams Garden to see what is blooming throughout the world.

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This photo below is still waiting for more captions.
Selected ones will be posted next Wednesday.
Click on the photo to share your thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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