Caption Fun - Rain Tree Flowers

This photo consists of 3 rain tree flowers dangling down a napier leaf.
See what creative captions came out of it.

Andrea  : Friendship in trial.

Rosie : No one told me split ends grow like teeth.

Rainfield : Aliens are approaching to bring you back to their planet.

Lifeshighway : Squid O**y.

Diana : Sun-baked squid in the air.

Laura : Helping Hands - by a team of escapees.

Donna of GWGT : The higher you climb, the harder you fall.

P3Chandan : 2 garden fairies hanging on Rapunzel's hair.

James Stapley : Two intrepid squid fell off the dodgy rope bridge. Hero squid is holding onto their tentacles for dear life!

Donna of GEV : Hang on I've got you..you better pray we don't get any wind.

Polkadotgaloshes : Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

Casa Mariposa : I can almost reach it!! Don't drop me!

Jennifer : Rapunzel, let down your long hair.

Kate : Hang on! ... and Don't Sneeze!

Click on the names above to find out what these great caption writers are up to right now.

These dog photos were taken 2 years ago.
I thought I heard Clifford telling his Mom, "Gimme back my yellow blankie!"
What do you hear?
I invite you to play along.
Have a fun midweek!


  1. Fun post! Love your pups...looks like they're having a great time!

  2. Really cute photo of Clifford. A glimpse of things to come.

  3. I loved the captions:). Thanks for keeping it up.

  4. I love the photos of the dogs playing. Everyone had great captions. so many lively imaginations.

  5. Wah so many very creative captions!

    I love to watch cute pets and their funny antics. Ny cats make me laugh sometimes doing silling things and you can never get bored snapping photos of them! I think your loveable dogs are saying these..hehehe..

    Clifford's Mom said: Hey stop bugging me, you are ruining my hair!

    Clifford said: Mom,I wont let go until you give me back my favourite bone!

  6. Very creative captions! I don't think I can come out with one as good as these.

  7. I like the style with the captions, as if you're also hosting something, as in 'captions'. Then you can also make a poll of preference on them and give 1,000$ to the most preferred, haha! I smiled at Kate's!

    Yes it looks like the same wind pass by our thoughts at the same time, last time it was tail. Maybe we are having one-on-one perception/reception. I don't know how it is called, maybe remote sensing? haha!

  8. Oh i forgot the caption, i might not have the chance to get the price! "Tell me the truth, am i really adopted!"

  9. It is easy to see why you have such a successful following; you have such unique, fun, and interesting ways to attract and keep interest. You are funny, wise, smart, and interesting, and you bring joy. cheers. ann

  10. I haven't seen this flower before but it sure is interesting. But.... the stars today is your adorable dogs. Those photos are too cute!
    Goldenray Yorkies

  11. What a weird looking plant! Reminds me of squids and jellyfish.

  12. Clifford said, "Hey mom, they's something jutting out of your bottom. Don't move, let me pull it off."

  13. Very funny captions! I'll do my best to join your next game! :)

  14. I agree with AaronVFT, they kinda look like squid. Or maybe I'm just hungry :)

  15. "don't forget mabout me" so cute!!! Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's...What a pretty raintree flower! xoox, tracie

  16. Men are funny, because life is tough.

    So are the dogs.

  17. So funny captions!

    Clifford's mum: let me go!
    Clifford: No! Not until you tell me why i'm all black !

  18. OK this one is definately "stop tailgating"

    LOL do you use that term in Malaysia??????



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