Caption - Tales of a Tail

A very BIG thank you to everyone who have commented and participated in Caption Fun last week.
To all those who said they were not good at captions, hidden talent has been discovered.

Some introduction:

Clifford : Black
Goldee : Not Black

Clifford : Son
Goldee : Mom

Below is what Goldee said:

P3Chandan : "Stop bugging me, you are ruining my hair!"

Rosie : "Stop tailgating."

Let's hear it from Clifford :

Andrea : "Tell me the truth. Am I really adopted?"

Fishtail Cottage : "Mom, don't forget about me."

Malar : "I'm not letting you go until you tell me why I'm black."

Donna of GWGT : "Give me some tail."

One : Clifford said with reference to the tail, "Give me back my furry blankie!"

I hope you have enjoyed the above captions as much as I do.

What comes to mind when you see these 5 cows?
I would love to hear from you.
Please speak your mind NOW without putting too much thought to it.
Selected captions would be posted with a link to your blog next Wednesday.
Thank you in advance.

Camera Critters


  1. The arrival of Jakey, the big bad bull. :)

  2. (Cows are thinking) 'You can't go anywhere without the Paparazzi following you.'

  3. Have you "Herd" that there's a queue forming for jumping over the moon?

  4. Hey guys...look ahead n SMILE, there's that weird person again taking our photos! Haha...

  5. Oh wait!!! Nancy is not yet here.

  6. Now, all of you look at the camera and say "Kimchee" if you can't say "Cheese"

    I bet the Moo-moo gang will look pretty and smart with grinning teeth, perhaps also good for a toothpaste commercial.

  7. They are not happy looking: "Why are you calling, did you bring our food?" One, have you seen a cow's teeth? I think they dont have the upper teeth. So they are ashamed they haven't had the 'false teeth' on. The horse open their mouths more often than cows.

  8. My daughter said '1 Malaysia'. lol.

  9. You suppose to count sheep but I think you see more cows than sheep in tanahairku. So here come to my mind at the moment> One, TWO, Three, FOUR, Five,,,,ZZZZ,,,me gone to sleep.

  10. There she is AGAIN with her long black nose.

  11. "Stop staring at us! Who do you think we are? Holy cows?"

  12. One, this is fun!! To chew the cud or to moo on...still ruminating....

  13. Moo do you think you're looking at?!

  14. Look a black nose person ....What a big hole he/she have in the center of the nose :-)

  15. "It's very nice, but we really were looking for something closer to town, not the range."

  16. "I thought YOU knew the way to the trail."

  17. "And if you look to our left, you'll see a perfect example of the American tourist with an iPhone!"

  18. Really wonderful photos!! Have a great weekend!

  19. Love the ones of the cows!! :)

  20. Wonderful photos, loved the captions for the dogs. Great shot of the cows too.

  21. Just gorgeous!!

    Here's my critters post. Have a nice Easter celebration.

  22. So pretty!
    Please come and see my critters, thanks!

  23. "Let's take a break"!

    Do you want to see how Jack Russel Terriers gets excited? Have a blessed Easter!

  24. Great shots! Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!



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