Caption Fun

Last Wednesday, I posted 2 photos under the topic, Caption Wanted.
You people are great!
Thank you for your participation.
Your creative captions are listed below the photos for all to enjoy.

b-a-g : Stop showing off! Size doesn't matter.

lifeshighway : Pink always envied Red's ability to lure the ladies although he has noticed the partying has begun to take its toll.

Noel : The first hot red and pinks...

Jay : It's no good having the longest legs in the class if your tutu is full of holes!'

Ann : Mother and Daughter

Joey : Love in Blooms

Autumn Belle : Happy Couple

Rosie : Pretty Twosome

Olive : Sherbert Shades

Dona : Rich and Poor.

Lindy : Fresh and Jaded

Andrea : Mind your own business.

Donna : I was here first, not fair!

b-a-g : Hop off! I'm busy.

lifeshighway : Bertram Bee works away for his ladyship. Grady grasshopper works for no woman.

Jay :  I'll just sit up here quietly and hope she doesn't notice. And for goodness' sake stop calling me 'Honey'!!'

Casa Mariposa"Quit trying to hide, Captain Obvious. I know you're there!"

Joey : Opposites attract.

Autumn Belle : Odd couple

Rosie : Stop tailgating.

Olive : Bee, my caterpillar

Dona : A lunch for 2.

Lindy: I suppose there is room for 2.

Feel free to click on each individual's name above to see more of their creativity.

This is a snapshot taken this morning of rain tree flowers hanging on a napier leaf.

I see 'damsels in distress'.
What do you see?
Play along if you wish.

Have a FUN midweek!


  1. One, what a lovely way to do with the captions! I can't even choose the nicest as everything looks perfect. It's good you didn't choose me to select the best caption from the list, haha!

    But that last photo is really very significant, it might be used by many to symbolize their business, just a little blurred but amazing. I love your creativity. Mine: Friendship in trial!, Hold on for dear life!, Hold on-trust me! i can think of more! haha. great composition you have there!

  2. Thanks One for the linkup :)

    My caption is

    "No one told me spilt ends grow like teeth!"

  3. I see aliens are approaching you silently.

    They will bring you back to their planet.

  4. It is probably just me but I see a squid orgy. Maybe I have had too much coffee this morning.

    Thanks for including my captions it's fun to see them there.

  5. Great idea, One. A fun and refreshing mid-week break. Such a pretty name for the flowers but I see a team of escapees

    - Helping Hands


  6. The higher you climb the harder you fall.

  7. For the first photo, I love Jay's caption - haha hilarious!

    Your last photo: I see 2 garden fairies hanging on Rapunzel's hair!

  8. I also see squid.

    Two intrepid squid fell off the dodgy rope bridge. Hero squid is holding onto their tentacles for dear life!

  9. what fun...I see "Hang on I've got you..you better pray we don't get any wind"

  10. Fun post :) Thank you.

  11. Thanks bunches for using my captions. I love to play with words and rename things all the time♥

  12. hahaha, Lifeshighway thanks for early morning giggle ;) P3chandan, I agree...
    "Rapunzel! Rapunzel! let down your hair!"
    I Love these type play on words, sorry I missed your first one! Hope you do these more often =)

  13. totally gorgeous...awesome shots!

  14. Thank you so much for the link! This time I have no ideas... :(

  15. Thanks so much for the link up! I appreciate it! I had fun with the captions. :)

    About my Macro Monday puzzle - I always add the answer in the form of a picture link, not in the comments, but added to the post itself so that latecomers can read, guess, then click and see!

  16. I won't even try thinking of an appropriate caption. I'd rather stare at the interesting pictures :)

  17. Very nice picture with beautiful words!

  18. "I can almost reach it!! Don't drop me!" Thanks for including my captions. :o)

  19. What a great idea for a blog post.It seems there are a lot of talented caption writers out there. My caption is "Rapunzel, let down your long hair."

  20. I am laughing so much reading these creative captions! Please do this again - it's such a fantastic idea.

    Caption idea: "Hang on! ... and Don't Sneeze!

  21. One, Kamsahamnida, TQ, TQ!

  22. Thanks so much for the link to News From Italy :)



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