Captions Wanted

These hibiscus are so similar yet so different.
A few wacky captions came to mind.
Since I have been enjoying reading your comments, I thought perhaps you could assist me with the captions for the photos below.


I'll post the same photos again with selected captions in a future post with your names on it, of course.
Let's have some fun in the middle of the week!

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Then drop over at Fishtail Cottage who organizes a garden party on every Thursdays.
For photos of little creatures, look them up at Creature Feature at Garden Adventures.

I've just discovered an exciting challenge. Check this out at Fabulous Friday Challenge at Mcdougall Photography.


  1. I'm not good in caption but i love your 2nd pic.

  2. I am not good making captions too like milka. But i will try "mind your own business!", says the both of them!

  3. Captions are not needed when it comes to your photos. Its my way of saying I'm not good at captions :)

  4. I won't crack my head anymore.

    I have enough from my work.

    But I love your second pictures. Each of the insects lives in its own way.

  5. I was here first, no fair.

  6. You want us to write the captions...for the first photo, I need to know what rating you have on your blog, lol. The grasshopper looks a little disturbed by the bee.

  7. (1) Stop showing off! Size doesn't matter.
    (2) Hop off! I'm busy.

  8. (1) Pink always envied Red's ability to lure the ladies although he has noticed the partying has begun to take its toll.

    (2) Bertram Bee works away for his ladyship, Grady grasshopper works for no woman.

  9. the first hot red and pinks...

    come and link this to the hot meme this today :)

  10. 1 - 'It's no good having the longest legs in the class if your tutu is full of holes!'

    2 - 'I'll just sit up here quietly and hope she doesn't notice. And for goodness' sake stop calling me 'Honey'!!'

    Those are fun pictures! Nice capture on the second. :)

  11. For the second photo: Said the grasshopper to the bee, "Quit trying to hide, Captain Obvious. I know you're there!"

    I'm still working on a caption for the first photo. Most of the ones I've come up with aren't G rated!!

  12. "Mother and Daughter" for the the first one. The darker hibiscus looks aged and tired (as I do at times), while the pink one looks new and fresh.

    Can't think of one for the second picture. I'll work on it.

  13. Like me, all have spring fever ... Love in bloom & Opposites attract. Happy April :)

  14. 1st picture - A Happy Couple.
    2nd picture - The Odd Couple.

    Another try:
    1st picture - A couple of "High Bee Skirts"
    2nd picture - Bee said to the grasshopper, "Hey, Stop lazing around. You should make hay while the sun shines!"

  15. I'm not good with captions either but I do like both photos :)

  16. 2nd photo - "stop following me"
    "stop tailgating"

    1st photo
    Pretty twosome

    Great photo's

  17. Beautiful Images - amazing how clear this are! Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's & sharing the garden party with your friends, i'm really enjoying my morning visiting everyone! xoox, Tracie

  18. #1 Sherbert Shades #2 Bee my Caterpillar

  19. #1 Rich and poor
    #2 A lunch for two

  20. Calling by from Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursday. What a fun post.
    1#Fresh and Jaded
    2#I suppose the is room for two!

  21. really nice capture of the bee and grass hopper sharing the flower

  22. Great capture of the bee!

    I am so not good at captions. :(

  23. These are absolutely gorgeous! Love them all. Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!



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