In The Air

Sadness in the Air is a poem written by a friend based on the visions he had several months ago.


There is sadness in the air,
It came again TODAY.
Is it from me, inside me, or is it from

A Vision:
Of an old woman,
wailing and crying,
amidst the fallen white rubbles of buildings.
Hopeless hands beating bloodied chests
tears flowing unceasingly.
Injured people are groaning from within
While some lay STILL
and breathless.

Sirens blaring from afar,
Drowning the fears of loss and sadness.
People digging for the living,
Whilst from a-distant,
A silent rumble in the earth
Continues to seek
Ever more new victims.

Aug 16, 2010

This is a sad poem that I am reposting because the event may seem familiar now although it was written last year.
The title also coincides with the current theme of 'In The Air' in Roses and Stuff.

What else are there in the air...in my garden specifically?
There are some bees in the air.

I can't seem to ignore these bright looking Canna waving to me in the air.

Have a pleasant weekend and do look out for interesting postings of 'In The Air', at Roses and Stuff.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a very sad poem, but we have a sad time on earth now. Sometimes you wonder why things happens, I found this another day, listen if you want : http://spiritlibrary.com/videos/the-peaceful-planet/gaia-speaks-earthquake-in-japan.
    Have a nice weekend
    Lisa/Lisas trädgård

  2. What a lovely and thoughtful post you are sharing today! Thank you:)
    Take care,

  3. Fantastic pictures and a thoughtful poem.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a nice weekend

  4. Thanks for the poem.
    The flowers are beautiful.
    Greetings, Diny

  5. Very moving poem and timely so sad to say. Your images are really beautiful, the water and the bee especially. This is a nice theme this week. I wonder if I repost or list 'Looking Up' from my March GBBD magazine, if that counts. What do ya think?

  6. With spring in the air, winter draws back it clows… Lovely photos. Thank you for the peom.

  7. A beautiful poem that is a sad reminder of the tragic events that takes place every now and then. Everyday is filled with happy and sad moments but life must go on, like the happy bee and radiant sunflowers in your garden.

  8. I always see much love in the air around your garden. Bees in love with the flowers. Your children and dogs playing in the background.

  9. A very sad and beautyful poem....
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend ;)

  10. One, your friend expresses so well what many are feeling. There is sadness in the air and it is difficult sometimes to remain hopeful and optimistic amongst such sadness. And while our hearts break for those suffering the garden is a place that always brings me back to balance and optimism. Have a lovely weekend One.

  11. Sad poem, but the blooms cheer me up haha.

  12. Indeed, this line is associated with the tragedy in Japan. And in your garden quite, quite. Yours

  13. Today, a lot of my cannas shom their first green signs. I got 15 mixed plants just starting to grow for this summer.
    You only got one bee? you know you need two..

  14. Lovely photos. Lena/isis

  15. A very sad poem, but apt for the situation that our brothers and sister in Japan are experiencing now.

    I wonder how much time you spend waiting for insects to land on your flowering plants to get a picture of them. I would definitely want to try that someday.

  16. The Poem: quite prophetic, isn't it?Poetry has a way of capturing the moment. One of my favorite American poets Patricia Smith writes about Katrina (the hurricane) with such power and force in her poetry collection called Blood Dazzeler. Listen to this poem called 34 .

    Your flowers are lovely against the blue sky. We are still grown and dry. I lover your colors and your narratives. cheers. ann

  17. Your opening image sets the tone for the poem beautifully. The poem seems amazingly timely despite the fact that it was written a year ago.

  18. It is a sad and very well-written poem. It was so nice to see your flowers after reading it - so many of us find peace and consolation in the beauty of a garden.

  19. It's a very emotional poem - and so fitting for these disturbing times. How people suffer around the world...

  20. The poem is sad and beautiful. And your pictures are a delight! I love the air-borne bee and the canna lilies!

  21. Pure art! Just amazing photos. I would love to take a stroll on that beach.

    Remember it is The Earth Hour today!

    Tyra @ Tyra’s Garden

  22. Heisann! vakkert dikt og herlige bilder som viser at luft og lys er mildere stemt nå ;:OD)

  23. Beautiful poem and beautiful flowers - thank you for sharing

  24. lovely poem ...so much raw emotion...beautiful flowers..glad you shared this...

  25. Beautiful poem and photos One. A bit sad...we feel the pain of others....our constant prayers for them!

  26. The poem is a sad one, but tells some truth around us.

  27. The poem reflects what is happening in Japan today. Really sad. But they are strong people as they have shown in the past and will emerge and bloom like your garden for sure.

  28. what a very thought provoking poem.

    I want to capture a little bee in midflight like that soon now that the bees are out and about on patrol duty in my garden now - plus I just found my continuous shooting button on the camera. Just look at how big a pollen sack he is carrying - what a great photo One.

  29. This is a sad poem indeed!
    Beautiful shot of pic as usual!



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