Candid Shots

What is happening here?

A big bully!

Natural defense by a gardener's child.
(No insecticide involved.)


Guess who the true upset wet victim was.

Happier Moment.


  1. That's a fun post. You have a happy garden.

  2. Fun all the way, kids at that age. We had different settings for fun in yesteryears..., trees small and big, swamps for fighting fish, sky for the biggest kites! Is that Telecom or TNB wooden table?.. :)

  3. Two against one? Girl power! Nothing better than watching kids grow up. Now I watch the grandkids growing up. It all goes so fast--great pictures, great fun.

    And yes Sundance needs his hooves trimmed about every 6 six weeks. He is still wearing his winter coat, but as it warms he will shed and need good brushings. Have a good week, One, and thank you for visiting the Garden Spot and commenting so faithfully. cheers. ann

  4. Lucky you, to have a very spacious garden for the kids to run around. Such cute little dog! Poor doggie, got all wet...:)

  5. Heisann!

    What a sweet dog ;:OD)

  6. Hahaha! This is so funny and so much fun in the outdoors. Reminds me so much of my childhood playing in the outdoors with other kids, dogs, cats, bugs,even chickens and plants and soil are the props and toys.

  7. Your dog was the judge of the day.

  8. Masha, Yes, it is a happy garden and it gives me a lot of joy just observing.

    Bangchik, We requested for the table from the Unifi guys. Looking forward to faster speed.

    Ann, The skinny girl is my princess. The other 2 are brother and sister staying few doors away. I.C. Sundance is having his handsome winter coat. That is one advantage of Winter.

    P3, That area is a public area that I help to take care of. It's directly opposite my house.

    Vilt, Pichu, our Pomeranian is sweet most of the time but very demanding too.

    AB, It's nice to play outdoors. Eventually, more and more time will be spent at the computer...

    Rainfield, The judge was unhappy that the kids broke the rules.

  9. Cute, cute!! I love how the dogs are in the middle of everything!

  10. So fun to see children playing! The must be so content that they never realize the candid shot!
    Such a cute dog! Will it be my monkey hunter? hahhahaha..



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