Feeling Down?

I have some agave plants at home but none so towering.
In order to show the relative size of the plants, I requested for a model to pose next to them...
...but all I see is a sulky face.

What do you do when you feel down?
She decided to go for a walk...alone.
In the vastness of space, her problem seem very small comparatively.

Whatever that she was upset about was soon forgotten as she enjoyed the breeze and the almost nothingness of the environment.

However, her position was already replaced by a more cheerful model.

It didn't matter.
She had to focus and watch her steps while coming down the rocky slope. 
As she concentrated on her every step, there was no more room left in her to be upset about.

What is your remedy when you feel down?


  1. I'll go to the garden. My hb knows if i'm not 'balanced' if he sees me in the garden non stop digging, ahha.

  2. I listen to music or go for a walk in my garden. Or if I am in a really nasty mood, I'll go shopping!

  3. Doing something creative, which is usually a solitary affair. Less distraction, somewhat meditative, means more time to gather thoughts. Instantly uplifting and mind clearing for the good energy to flow. Gardening is always a happy affair.

  4. Hello, One. Your little model has the right idea: go for a walk. Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the sweet sounds of birds will lift the spirit. cheers. ann

  5. Think more positive thoughts - that keeps away the undesirables! Gardening is good therapy. How time flies when you are at it.

  6. Pause, close the eyes for a second or two.... shut off everything and wake up....

  7. hahaha, we have them reversed, the girl is older and more cooperative, while the 2nd is the boy who doesnt want to be photographed. They are 15 and 13, however the boy is my constant companion in the wild looking for insects reptiles and animals. We even dig some dry leaves to look for whatever are inside! BTW, I've just been to the orchid show after lunch because i feel down. It was 10min walk to and another 10min from the office, so hot and humid but i am glad to see the plants. Some of the orchids are not as nice anymore as when Bom visited, but i enjoyed my photoshoot. I looked for other flowers this time, esp hoya.

  8. I look at sunny photos like yours :)

  9. I laugh at your comments so I guess reading comments may be one of the remedies.

    Milka, I read that there are bacteria inside the soil that make us happy. Not joking. Found that in Garden Musing a few months ago.

    Deb, If I catch you shopping, I should stay far away, I guess.

    Donna, Doing something creative may be a natural thing for you. For most of us, gardening is definitely a great therapy.

    Ann, So true. I don't think we do that enough; wind in the hair, sun in the face, bird's music in the ears...

    Keats, Another vote for gardening. But, of course.

    Andrea, I guess we will have an uplifting time looking at your orchid photos soon.

    Mark & Gaz, Thank you. That was what I was waiting to hear. LOL!

  10. Bangchik, I guess you are never down for more than 2 seconds. :)

  11. I go hiking, no, I go running up the hill.

    And I'll shout on top of Cerok Tokun.

    Most of us shout over there, so no one will actually know what has happened to me.

  12. Chatting with real friends, blogging, visiting virtual friends, surfing on the web.

  13. I garden or go for a walk and if the weather isn't cooperating then I go for a drive.

  14. I often get a similar sulky face when I'm asked to pose for photos. I'm not photogenic at all and hate having my photo taken. Of course photos of me look all the worse because I'm usually pouting.

  15. A walk is a definite pick me up for a sulky mood! Your models are adorable - cooperative or not! My daughter used to live in princess clothes when she was younger too ;)

  16. Loved your commentary. I agree that having to concentrate on something else will get help put someone in a better mood (like walking down a rocky slope). I think that's why I love my garden. When I'm down, I can go outside to work and I have to concentrate on other things.

  17. For me it is my horse. His smell, his soft fur, his kind eyes and his willingness to haul me at my pleasure.

  18. I love the breeze also. Taking a walk by the sea is good for me. Btw, for agave, you can write a message on (engrave with a sharp object) the leaf. Go back years later to find out what happened ;-)

  19. Rainfield, So it was you. I thought I heard someone shouting.

    Dona, This blogging and commenting have kept us too busy to have anytime to feel down, don't you agree?

    Karin, I hope you keep your driving speed low when you are feeling nasty.

    Marguerite, LOL! I can see your pout in your avatar.

    Cat, I would prefer her wearing T-shirts and shorts but she likes these Princess dresses.

    HolleyGarden, I'm sure all is forgotten when you see your blooming camellias.

    Lifeshighway, Suddenly I feel like hugging your horse.

    Stephanie, Do you have a photo of the engrave to share?

  20. Glad model one found a solution! I too like to walk, but my favourite way to regain perspective is to either dig or sow seed/prick out. A half hour of pottering in the greenhouse and I am typically able to put things in perspective again.

  21. Is gardening too obvious an answer? I find that it relaxes me the most and clears my thoughts. Another good option is to hole up in the bedroom with the A/C on and snuggle with family, but I can only do this when everyone is home.

  22. I will go for a stroll with my earphone plugged into some lovely music. That would easily cheer me up.



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