Caption - Our Son???

Enjoy these Monday Photo Captions and leave your captions for the last two photos.
Selected ones will be posted next Monday with links to your blogs or websites.

One : The secret to having a baby of this colour is to eat lots of bananas during pregnancy.

Donna of GEV : Sure, Mom. You get the snack and I was the one running around.

Kay L Davies : Please, Daddy, I'm begging you. Mom had a banana. Why can't I?

Rainfield61 : Are you sure he is our son?

Lisa :  I'll take over now.

Anna : Please, Dad. Say you aren't mad! Yes, I did you use the whole bottle of Sun-In on my fur.

Send in your captions for the last two images latest by this week.
All comments are welcomed too.
May you have a joyful week ahead!


  1. Awesome caption!

    Photo 1: Smile!

    Photo 2: Where Am I?

    Finding Yellow & Blue

  2. Love all these shots!
    Photo 1: Oh, no, it's that camera person again!
    Photo 2: Yep, I wanna be one of those California cows!

  3. Funny captains! hahahhaha...!

    The cows look so healthy. You went to farm?

  4. Love that baby monkey, but I'm going to have to do some thinking about the cows. No inspiration right now.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. My capytion was taken. 'I too wanted to be one of those California cows'. But I will change it to 'I ain't mooovin to California'.

    Mooove over a bit, it's getting crowded.

  6. Bananas, so that's the secret! Amazing colour!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post, took a bit of working on to catch the hibiscus so as I was pleased with it.

  7. Where did you capture these cute cows? They look very healthy and happy.

    1. Guess which one is male and female?
    2. Look into the camera. Pout your lips and say "moo-moo"

  8. Wonderful photos! Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  9. Like AB, I would also like to ask where you get your monkeys and your cows? You seem like near a farm and a zoo!

    1. Where have all the oldies gone, we're already tired, were lost!
    2. OMG, i enjoyed grazing, they already left me!

  10. So beautiful!

    Fun with Leaves is my share for MYM. Have a great week!

  11. Simply terrific shots!!

  12. Love the captions and images.

  13. aww, i so love the first photo! i dont need any caption to feel so happy just by looking at it :-)

    Little Santa and Our Christmas Tree

  14. Hi there - caption for picture 2.

    "A look of surprise and disappointment spread across her face when she remembered she had left her horns in the milking shed!"

    Cheers - Stewart M

  15. Pixz 1: "Oh! oh! Here comes Old MacDonald, his pitchy EIEIO makes me wanna puke!"

  16. These photographs are wonderful, and I thank you so much for sharing them with us at The Creative Exchange.
    Have a great day!
    #1~~Love is a soft place to put your head."


  17. Great images!!

    Pic 1: "What are you looking at lady?"

  18. Beautiful photos! Such sweet shots of the monkey family.
    #1 - Double trouble!

  19. These are great and I am glad you liked mine...I love the 2 cows...

    "Yeah I am laying down on the job...you got a problem with that?"

  20. Laughed at the first and last quotes. Really like your photo of the two cows and how you've captured them sitting.

  21. Thanks for using my caption :)

    #1) BBF's Chillin
    #2) "Honey, how do you like my new Yin and Yang coat? It's the latest style!"

    Happy week to you. And yes, I wouldn't be surprised if our leaves are all white by next week :(

  22. I love those monkeys, they are toooooo cute! Cows.... not so sure what they are thinking.

  23. I love all of these photo you shot.

  24. #1....The two cows: "YOU go see who's behind the camera!" "No, I'm not gonna...you go".

    #2....The grass is greener on the other side.

    Here's my link for today:

    SEA HEART [drift seed]

  25. Nice captions. I love it!

    Hopping from MYM.
    Hope you can drop by at my entry and join my giveaway. ;)

  26. #1 - Mom, can we get up now? We took our naps...

    #2 - Que Barry White, Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe..."Where have you been all of my life"

  27. Great photos, wonderful as always, and as always, your post brings me a smile! The baby is so sweet!

  28. Loved your caption about the bananas making the baby orange! Cute! And the last pic of the cow does remind me of the California cow ads that are popular now. Great photos.

  29. sweet pictures of the animals, great shots, loved them. Thank you for sharing :-) Dropping some late love for MYM, hope that you can return the favor too.




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