I Have Been Framed

I can't help amusing myself with photos and silly thoughts.

Goldee was resting comfortably among the flowers and ground cover when she suddenly felt trapped.
She thought she could have been framed.
See the looks in her eyes above.

I assured her that I was only using her lovely golden fur to frame the flowers.

When one is worried, one loses focus.
It seems that she has forgotten her intention to sleep.

If you enjoy these silly little photo stories, visit 'Words in Pictures' in my other blog; Tropical Nature Photos.
I intend to post 'Words in Pictures' daily in that blog for 30 days as a challenge for myself.
Do I have the photos and words ready?
Definitely not.
I have no clue what I shall be posting next.
I must not worry as worries might cause me to lose focus.
Breathe in, breathe out...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So pretty! Love your baby!

  2. One, you are really good, and i love the way you express your naught. Now, you hooked me to be always checking the other blog, LOL. I wish i had your gab, and your lens.

  3. Goldie is gorgeous. I just love golden girls—we have one ourselves.
    Good for you, challenging yourself to 30 days of "Words in Pictures"! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Ahhh....cute puppy:) It looks like she loves to sit near the Mexican Heather...or Allyson Heather? I love the shots:)

  5. If Goldie stays longer and keep a pose, she'll be a celeb dog! Such lovely thick fur.

  6. Was wondering if I could please borrow your Goldee for about 5 minutes so I could give her a pat - what a lovely coat. Always enjoy visiting both your blogs, you are so clever with your nature photos.

  7. Not always as happy for being a model? But still, a beauty :)

  8. Goldee don't woof..you may have the right to remain silent..!!! hahaha.

  9. Such lovely shots!! Looking forward to your 30 day challenge! Way to go girl!

  10. Love the photos. I think she looks as though she knows she deserves to be photographed.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. Those photoes and words amused me too!


  12. Goldee is beautiful! Her coat looks so soft.

  13. Cute post! And a great thing for all to remember. Quit worrying - breathe in, breathe out. Beautiful dog!

  14. Goldee looks so huggable. What a cutie!

  15. Cute framing. It will be difficult to keep up with all the daily posting going on lately. Good luck with your words in picture posts.

  16. Hahaha, this fella is so cute. Good luck with your 30 days project. I completed Project 365 for my daily photo blog and now the next is My Nice Flowers. Been busy, so I am struggling with it. Good luck with yours!

  17. I find the more I worry, the less I have to say. (Unless anyone wanted to hear me blab about all the things I worry about.) You're a pretty creative soul. It will come. :o) Very cute pix!

  18. I love all those captions! Goldee is so adorable.

  19. Breath in, breath out.

    And I'll keep on practising this.

    I shall not loss focus.

    Said Goldee.

  20. Your comment on my post was so accurate. I once read an article about how we all how more time than we think, it's just a matter of how we choose to use it. Some days are so packed with events beyond my control that I have no time for myself. But I find if I just carve out a few minutes to blog/read blogs, I feel better and less stressed.

  21. Goldee is such a beautiful dog! Spending time with our pets is a great way to de-stress (it is for me).

  22. Great post! I like your challenge, and am looking forward to reading these posts. I am sure you will do great.

  23. This is so precious...I love Goldee's eyes. They are so sweet and she does look worried. Very cute :)

  24. super sweet,

    the puppy and the garden are very live and charming.

  25. Goldie is just so cute dog! I wish i can have one here!

  26. what a cutie



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