Caption - Who Came First?

Captions overflowed in last week and it wasn't easy to select just a few.
Do keep them coming  though.

Kay L Davies: Nope, I don't see it under here. Did you find it in the dog?

Andrea : OMG, What's happening with me?! Hairs all over!

Heidi : 3, 2, 1 and release...now 2 more stretches.

Diana : Chickallerina

Anna : Barnyard yoga 101 - Downward chicken

Solitude Rising : Come on you pesky egg. Drop already?

Stampmouse : Hey there! I came first so there. (sticks out tongue)

Joyce I'm doing The Chicken Dance". Come join me, it's so clucking fun!

Bananaz : Rare case of Dr Ostrich Jekyll and Mr Chicken Hyde.

Lisa I do hate these dental check ups!

GardenWalkGardenTalk : When I get bigger, you are losing that finger!

Cathy & Steve : It was just a marble. Keep that up and I'll be right back at ya.

Stampmouse : Yummy rings are good for breakfast. Want it back? You are sooo going to have to wait this one out.

EvoOrganic : Num Num, people fingers.

One :  I told KFC that "finger licking" is "so good" and they changed their marketing phrase.

Heidi : Now I need to find that matching bikini bottoms to this top.

GardenWalkGardenTalk : My bloomers are showing.

Spotted these 2 mynas with ruffled feathers.
What they are saying?

Below is a praying mantis holding a fly.

Captions and comments are all welcomed.
The more the merrier.

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  1. The previous set above is more amusing than this new one! I also laughed at SR's caption. I will pass by this set today. BTW, i like your camera as there are lots of critters also which frequent my 5th floor dwelling, and more so in the province. I always think about you when i see them, but cant get the photos. I tried to recover my old point and shoot, better in taking close-ups. I hope it still works.

  2. These posts are always so much fun. Usually I read them late at night when my brain is too tired to think of captions of my own, but I love to read what others come up with. That praying mantis photo is creepy!

  3. The last picture proves how some insects are beneficial in the garden. Great timing in capturing that scene.

  4. 1. Mynaone: I am telling you, I am NOT seeing her.. Mynatwo: I SAW you together..

    2. I've got nothing for the second one.. Love this idea on your blog!

  5. bwahahahaha... keep laughing while reading.. awesome! funny!

  6. Some how I keep missing your photos to write captions for. Guess I need to pay more attention. In our case, the chickens came first; they have yet to lay a single egg.

  7. LOL these photos and captions cracked me up! you made my day! thank you!

  8. Myna1: where is that tramp who ruffled your feathers?!

    Myna2: she isn't a tramp...she works in a hair salon!

  9. Praying mantis holding a fly: Aha, you're the answer to my prayers!

  10. Fantastic detail in that praying mantis shot.

  11. Checking the watermark ?
    [for the chicken up top}

  12. oh the mynas are perfect...

    Wife: I told you, you are staying home tonight with me to watch a chick flick

    Husband: yes dear..whatever you say dear!!

  13. #1) Birdie Bodybuilders - "My pects are bigger than yours!" "No way, look at mine!"
    #2) All wrapped up in love, or not?!

  14. One myna tells a simple story, two mynas give us long and noisy stories.

    Even one of them cannot tolerate.

  15. Your pictures with their unique captions made me laugh out loud. What a clever idea. Love it. Great pictures and perfect thoughts about them from so many friends. Genie

  16. Great photos, and thank you so much for sharing them today at The Creative Exchange.

    #1 "Okay, now the walk is over, what's next????"

    Have a wonderful day!


  17. (1) Birds of a feather don't always flock together
    (2) That's right - hang your head in shame!
    (3) Don't forget to bend your knees

    (That praying mantis photo is incredible - I didn't realise that it had green limbs)

  18. Fun photos and captions. Love the photos, especially the minas.

  19. I too have to take a pass this week, but your images are very good.

  20. MynaOne: Shoot! Caught you red-feathered! Fowl play behind my back!

    MynaTwo: Where got? No foul play those feathers are mine. You've never heard of ageing and graying or are you color blind?

  21. Myna
    .. Didn't I tell you, I am not in the mood!
    .. But dear, it has been 5 days now... (sad)

  22. Last pic: Not for the faint-hearted.

  23. #2: Richard G Mantis grasping J Lo Fly tightly with its spiked forelegs and whispered softly "Shall We Dance?"

  24. Mynas: Hen-pecked

    Praying Mantis and Fly: Gotcha!

  25. Hi! I have linked your blog to my today's post - Plant Vampires and Avian Usurpers. Please check. Thanks for your permission.

  26. Love your chicken photo and your dog is so cute!

  27. For the birds: "I don't care if you're taller than I am!! I'll fly to a higher branch to kick your butt if I have to! Apologize, Jr!!!"

    (Onezz- My 19 yr old son is 6'5" tall! I once said this same line to him, except I said I'd stand on a chair to kick his butt if I had to. He burst out laughing and then apologized for being a pain.)

  28. hahaha...love the chicken, what a fantastic pose!!
    Sorry drawing blanks on the new ones, will have my morning coffee then pop back when brain is on ;) Cheers!

  29. I wrote a post for you ! : http://experiments-with-plants.blogspot.com/2011/07/slug-02-jul-2011.html

  30. That has to be the funniest picture of a chicken that I've EVER seen! =D How did you manage to get that shot?

    Living So Abundantly: New meme coming this Thursday, July 7, 2011, Give Back Thursday--come join the fun!

  31. haha, funny captions.

    for the mantis I would say.
    "And now let's Tango!"

  32. The mynas looked very amusing...

  33. The fly: This really is not my day.
    The birds: You need a time out.

  34. That chicken is hilarious! I loved the last insect picture as well, that's quite a capture. The captions are very funny, thanks for making me laugh :)

  35. Love your new header!!



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