Red Harvest

What is your harvest this week? The few I have are are all red!!!

My 2-year old dragon fruit plant has been bearing big red dragon fruits regularly, but only one or two fruits at a time. The dried flower is still intact.

Do you see a big cloud of smoke above the dragon's snout?

Bird's Eye Chillies are also called Thai Dragon Chillies.  Unlike the dragon fruit, there is no smoke coming out from Thai Dragons unless you consume it. Then you might just see little puffs of smoke coming out from your ears! It is HOT!!! 

One particular chilli plant which I planted on the ground  has produced several kilos of chillies.  Some of the branches broke off due to the heavy load. That is why I have to harvest some of the green ones as well. Of course, not all my chilli plants are this fertile. Thank goodness they are not all the same as none of my neighbours welcome any more chillies.

I am delighted to see my very first ripe cherry tomato. Looking forward to more tomatoes. My neighbours are already flooded with chillies. Cherry tomatoes will be a good change.


  1. Everything is red and right.... beautiful harvest. ~bangchik

  2. MM....yummy! Love the redness!

  3. WOW! That's great red harvest! Your chili plant must be very huge and dense to give you so much chilies!!
    Do update us what you cook with that much chilies!

  4. Dragon fruit yummy...cannot remember the last time I ate one.

  5. Bangchik,
    Red & Right!
    What a delight,
    To taste the first bite.

    Yummy indeed!
    Want some seeds?

    I like to eat raw chillies,
    You can use the rest in your fish curry.

    Malay-Kadazan girl,
    My red flesh dragon fruit is sweet & yummy,
    The white flesh one I got from the hypermarket was yucky.

  6. Thank you for introducing me to my first Dragon Fruit! Now if I could just taste it. It looks amazing.

  7. Wow, your chili are beautiful! I wish I could grow mine half as good as yours. Tomato looks lovely. The dragon fruits are giving you regular supply, that's nice. This is really amazing!

  8. What a beautiful harvest. The dragon fruit looks so interesting. I wish I were one of your neighbors....we love chilis :-)

  9. Meredehuit ♥, Dragon Fruit is a sweet and nutritious fruit. Like most fruits, it tastes a whole lot better when we grow them ourselves.

    Kitchen Flavours, My chillies are doing superbly well but not the tomatoes. Something has being biting off the tiny branches. As for the dragon fruit, regular means every few months, not every other day. :)

    Noelle, I wish you are my neighbour too. You seem to have a very happy, loving family. :)

  10. Your red tomato looks good. You have a bumper harvest of chilis, can make some chili crabs, and some tomyam, kampung fried rice, etc... I bet the dragon fruit flower was beautiful and fragrant too when it bloomed. I have never seen a live blooming dragon flower yet. Any boy, that dragon fruit looks huge in the photo!



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