Flowers in a Heart

What do caterpillars do apart from devouring our favourite plants?

Occasionally caterpillars create little masterpieces. The above is called Flowers in a Heart. A caterpillar munched a cabbage leaf to produce a heart-shaped hole. Tiny flowers from a herb plant bloomed right through the heart.

The artistic culprit has now transformed into a moth. Moths which usually drink nectar are important pollinators at night. However, they produce little hungry babies which have a totally different diet.

When you see holes in your favourite plant, remember to look out for messages from the caterpillars. Sometimes they leave behind messages of love and gratitude.


  1. The photos are beautifully taken! You have Sweet caterpillar who give you an art of heart!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I saw, it was eating the leaves but as my understanding was ladybird is gardener's friend....i let it be there....Today i will start to to pick them out of my garden!

  2. Hi ONE and only! That last message is something to regurgitate on, beautiful. For your opening question i would have almost written "turn themselves into butterflies", hehe.Then i just continue reading, yes they are like that, and meanings are everywhere especially for those who have open hearts! Serendipity or no such thing as chance!

  3. I absolutely love, love, love that heart photo, One. I just want to go out and hug all my caterpillars now. Except they'd probably not appreciate it... In any event, I must look for messages from them!

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful. I do like how you made damaged leaf into a frame for a very pretty flower. When you see the beauty of moths, it is almost easy to forget the damage they do as caterpillars :-)

  5. Malar, Would you like some?

    Andrea, Oops! I forgot! They turn into butterflies and moths too! I saw what I wanted to see; LOVE.

    Meredith/Great Stems, The caterpillars in your garden have expressed their GRATITUDE for leaving them alone....except for some occasional shots.

    Noelle, You are right! When we see the beauty of moths and butterflies, we FORGIVE.

  6. Those are lovely pictures. As caterpillars they do damage, but pollinate blooms when they become flying creatures.


  7. Really nice photos, One!! I like the cabbage leaf heart...very artful of those cats, don't you think? The butterflies are spectacular!



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