Vegetarian Ladybugs

It has been generally mistaken by some of us that all ladybugs are predators and feed on aphids.
Actually, some ladybugs are vegetarian.

Unlike other ladybugs, this species which is known as the Mexican Bean Beetle (Subcoccinella Vigintiquatuorpunctata) doesn't fly around as much. 

It is not shiny like other ladybugs but is completely covered with tiny hair instead. 
This ladybug is feeding on a tomato leaf. It feeds by clinging to the under surface of a leaf and eating irregular sections of the lower leaf surface.

It lays yellow cluster of eggs on the underside of leaves. 
How many eggs do you see up there?

Despite the damage done by these ladybugs, my cherry tomatoes have been growing acceptably well. Perhaps, it is not just these bugs that been having a good meal, so have the birds and dragonflies. Thank you to the existence of ecology.

In case you are wondering, the snake plant is there to provide a sturdy support for the tomatoes. 


  1. Wonderful idea using snake plant to support tomatoes!

  2. I prefer carnivorous lady bugs that prey on annoying aphids, but this seems cute too!

  3. Very nice shots here! Love the pictures you took of this ladybug especially the fifth one that has two of them :-D

  4. So there are 2 types of ladybugs..the good n the bad one? I thought they are all the same. I love your cherry tomatoes, hope mine will grow as bountiful as yours..my very first try!

  5. I had a lot of this bugs but all gone when i dismantle my yellowing long beans trail!
    Thanks for informing me the other day! Now i can see the diffences between ladybug and bettle!

  6. That is absolutely fascinating! I had no idea about this type of ladybug. Your photos are just beautiful :-)

  7. This vegan doesn't look like a good guy. Is it? But it is beautiful, no wonder people paint their cars to look like it.

  8. Malay-Kadazan girl, The snake plant is in a pot. Can be easily transferred away when its supporting role job is no longer required.

    Aaron, These furry ladybirds aren't exactly cute to me. They are sucking the life out of my tomato plant.

    Stephanie, You like 2 better than 1? You can have them all. :)

    P3chandan, There are many types of ladybugs. It's interesting to observe them. Will have more to post on ladybugs. Not done yet. Hope your cherry tomatoes do better than mine.

    Malar, The usual aphid eating ladybugs are much prettier, now that we note the difference, ya?

    Noelle, I guess you are fortunate that you haven't meet this vegetarian ladybug. It's better not to encounter them.

    Autumn Belle, The shape is cute but the appetite is huge, especially the young.

  9. So snake plants are in for full support to the delicate tomato plants. But the ladybugs are not at all supportive.., wiping the leaves clean instead of the aphids. Cheers, ~bangchik

  10. Never knew this before - I'd still rather have the meat eaters in my garden. Great photos too.

  11. Ladybugs and me don't get along at all. They have been eating my pumpkin leaves and bitter gourd leaves like there is no tomorrow! Using the organic spray doesn't really help at all. Now I just use my fingers to catch these little devils and just throw them in the drain. Do you think it is cruel, (I did tell them, now it is up to you to think about your survival or drown!) I think some of them did survive, because I still find them around! I did not squeeze them or anything, didn't have the heart, so I just throw them in the drain! Really, I'm losing my patience with them. They are just like Poison Ivy (as in Batman?) beautiful but deadly!!!

    Your tomatoes are absolutely beautiful. Jealous-lah! He! He! Got to try again to plant these beauties! Planting them by the snake plant is indeed a brilliant idea!

  12. Bangchik, Maybe I should have a snake plant and a monkey cup for support. Bwahahaha!

    Rosie, Not meeting this vegetarian ladybug is probably a good sign that your garden is healthy.

    Kitchen Flavours, Using the organic spray to cure may be ineffective. Maybe it works better as a prevention. My thoughts are we should work on the soil. If the soil is healthy enough, we would attract the shinier ladybugs. Plant your tomatoes by the snake plant and a carnivorous. Now see who is cruel. :)

  13. This is the most unusual tomato support - a snake plant!!! I have it as a houseplant. Amazing!
    The ladybugs are cute! I didn't know there was a vegetarian type. What an interesting post! Thank you!

  14. I had no idea some Ladybugs are Vegetarian. Nice photos! I remembered back in July when my garden got swamped with Ladybugs, they were all over town but were friends to my garden. Great looking Tomatoes! Have a great weekend! :)

  15. Tatyana and Priscilla, Looks like this vegetarian is not well-known nor popular throughout the world.:)

  16. Ive just had my cucumbers smashed by these bugs.im onto them now as i too didnt know some species eat plants.ive noticed the cucumber growth slow and the shapes become abnormal.ill check the soil ph and msybe fertilise again.



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