Lizard in the Garden

What do you think of lizards?

Note the slight tilt of its head?
Does this lizard look adorable in this position?
No??! Look again.
I find that creatures seem cuter when I look at them through macro view.
Is it because I have slowed down?
Or is it because we see eye to eye?

All lizards are carnivores.
Since they feed on insects and worms, they are considered beneficial to the garden.

Their presence is an indication of a healthy garden.
Welcome to my garden, cute little cold blooded reptile.


  1. He's a cutie! what great shots!

  2. Great pictures! Cute Lizards. We get tons of Lizards around here in the mountains, they use to startle me but I'm used to them now!

  3. How fast they scurry away, if they have to! Come to my garden too, little lizard.

  4. Jester and Priscilla, Thank you for the compliment. To be honest, lizards startle me too.

    Keats, lizard is on the way.

  5. Hi One, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes we are ONE, and i love your accronym for what it stands for. Your photos are lovely, i like the DOF especially of the 2nd. Now, about your fascination with my header! I am sure you know what i mean, ONE! We can even meet in the ether! haha. I hope you'll visit again.

  6. This lizard looks ok, in fact cute! I hope it will eat up all the mozzies. However, I hope it won't loose its wriggly tail. It makes my hairs stand on ends when I think about it.

  7. Andrea, Meet you in ether sometime. Will definitely visit again.

    Autumn Belle, Don't worry, the tail has been intact altho' a brave little boy picked up the lizard and left it on his arm for a long time. He thought it was a chameleon and wanted to experiment if the colour would change.

  8. Cute, cute, cute, cute! Great pictures, One -- every single one of them. I love lizards!

  9. I think they're delicious :)
    I like the first photo the best but they're all nice captures.

  10. Meredith, Great to know you love lizards. I have a feeling you love everything.

    Wiseacre, Yum, Yum. Thanks.



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