Growing Stevia

Stevia is a plant that I have been wanting to grow due to its many health benefits but mainly because it is deliciously SWEET. I have got what I wished for. How wonderful!!!

Stevia is many times sweeter than sugar, calorie-free and is said to regulate blood pressure. It is also said to inhibit bacteria growth, even those that causes gum disease and tooth decay. That is excellent news for someone with a sweet tooth.

Stevia is a perenial plant that can be propagated via stem or seeds.
To avoid dogs from digging this precious plant, I have placed rocks all around it to protect the roots.

Goldee says stevia smells sweet.

Clifford checks it out too.

Clifford didn't smell anything but thought the rock made a good head/chin rest.
Me? I breathe deeply... not attempting to smell the stevia but I needed to calm my nerves while watching my newly planted baby stevia plant in close proximities with two of the worst garden pests I have ever seen.

As of now, stevia roots are still intact. I'll add more rocks just in case. But somehow, two twigs are broken this morning. I had taken the opportunity to stick the tiny broken twigs into some soil in a pot. I shall consider this incident as an accidental propagation.


  1. Ha ha...Clifford looks so adorable resting his head on the rocks! Goldee is cute too, trying to smell the stevia plant.

    I have tasted dried stevia, used as alternative of sugar at an organic farm. It is very sweet.

    Hope you have a successful adventure with stevia!

  2. The scent of your stevia seems to have pacified Clifford and Goldee. Maybe it soothes and relaxes their nerves, so they go to sleep and will not harm this plant. Anyway, in case the unexpected happen to your stevia, you can always grow a new one. Clifford and Goldee can never be replaced ;-)

  3. I love Stevia! Well we don't have the plant but we buy the packet of Stevia extract as sweetener for coffee or tea. I've been doing it for a couple years to cut back on sugar. My hubby just started getting into it, he hated the bitter aftertaste at first but I think he's use to it now! I want to plant it someday, do you use the leaves as sweetener? By the way your dogs look adorable!

  4. Your doggies are so cute and adorable and perfect captures to complement your lovely post!

  5. J.C & Jacqueline, Glad you think my dogs are adorable. My stevia post kinda got diverted into a doggie post.

    Autumn Belle, Good one! Stevia plant can be replaced though may not be convenient. Clifford and Goldee are part of the family.

    Priscilla, I intend to boil 'Luo Han Kuo' with fresh stevia leaves. It is a cooling herbal drink. Wonder how it tastes with coffee.

  6. Great plant, cute post ... so enjoyed my first visit. Thank you for connecting :)

  7. aloha,

    this is a nice post, i love the doggy pics too! stevia is a great substitute, i usually have it in my tea and coffee and it grows quick :)

  8. The information on stevia is totally new for me! Thanks. Anyway your 2 dogs look so adorable!

  9. interesting. I would love to have this plant too. I'm not quite sure how to use it though.

  10. Noel, Great to know you have been consuming stevia. I am getting impatient to taste my coffee with stevia.

    Malar, I hope you find the little introduction on stevia useful. There is always the first time for everyone.

    Wendy, I guess we can add stevia to any drinks or food. Will experiment.

  11. This plant is something new to me. Interesting. Did you grow it from seeds and any idea whether can we get it from the local nurseries? ... Thanks. Beautiful dogs you have!

  12. Hi Kitchen Flavours, I haven't seen this plant in the nurseries yet. I got mine by patiently waiting for a neighbour to visit a relative out of town and request for it. That's why I must take care of it very carefully. Will be happy to propagate and give you a pot someday...

  13. Stevia sounds like a most auspicious plant.



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