Growing Zinnias

A few weeks ago, a little boy handed me some Zinnia seeds. I asked him what colour I should expect from those seeds. He answered RED. I happily threw the RED Zinnia flower seeds around my cherry tomato plant imagining a dramatic effect of RED blooming Zinnias and ripe, RED cherry tomatoes. 

The first bloom was beautiful!

I got kind of impatient, waiting to admire a bed of striking Red Zinnias.

Wow! I had not quite expect to see that many shades of RED. I am not complaining. Red or not, I think they are all beautiful.

Zinnias are very easy to grow. All I did was sprinkled the seeds on the ground and water them once a day.


  1. would u know if these zinnias are 'allergic' to dogs? :)

    i would love to have them grow in my garden...

  2. Hi Atai,
    Zinnias are lovely and bloom in a few weeks.
    It doesn't matter if Mocha decides to dig.
    Just sprinkle some on the ground once a week
    and you should have them grow like weeds.
    Pls come over for some seeds.

  3. Half the fun of growing zinnias is that you never know for sure just what colour you'll get. Which always makes me so impatient to see the first buds bloom. But they're such fun flowers aren't they? They bloom and bloom so very exuberantly!

  4. You really got beautiful Zinnias growing so well.

  5. Your zinnias are truly beautiful! I like all the colours. Is the third picture, yellow zinnia? Zinnias really make a difference in the garden, don't they.

  6. Sunita, You are absolutely right! Zinnias are fun flowers to grow. They bloom and bloom effortlessly.

    James, Your bleeding heart vine lagi canggih.

    Kitchen Flavours, I haven't seen any yellows yet. I have some unused seeds. Maybe its there.

  7. Yes I know they are beautiful! Once I saw a yard filled with zinnias like yours. It must be really wonderful to be surrouded so many zinnias. Enjoy!

  8. Yes,they are so pretty. Zinnia self-seed readily. It gave me a surpise when some zinnia pop in winter in our warmest veggie bed similar colour as yours.

  9. Lovely Zinnias! Maybe I should try some!!

  10. Awesome shot! They look so lovely!

  11. Stephanie, A yard filled with Zinnias? Not quite like that but well it may turned out that way since Zinnia grows easily.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, Zinnia popping up in winter? That must have been a pleasant surprise.

    Aaron and Malar, Yes they are lovely. The insects think so too. Someone is chewing the petals.

    Feel free to let me know if anyone of you would like some seeds. I can post them to you.

  12. I am trying to sow my 2nd generation of zinnias now. I didn't know they were easy to grow. I see some in my neighbourhood that get too leggy and tall and thin. But they are really really very beautiful. Your pale pink zinnia is really special.

  13. Autumn Belle, I agree with you about the plant getting leggy. It looks untidy in some gardens. My plan is to sprinkle seeds every few weeks and cut away the old ones so that they look fresh most of the time. Let's see how it goes.



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