Flowering Agave

My agave plants are flowering right now.

This is the first bloom after 2 1/2 years.

There are two of them flowering side by side at the same time.

It wasn't easy to take these photos as the flower stalk is very tall.
Further, they are growing in a planter which has been built on the wall.

My 10 year old neighbour noticed that I was struggling to take the photos and offered to climb up the wall to help get a better picture. For him, it was probably an opportunity to climb but I must admit this boy loves to help...just like the rest of his family. 

Actually, it would have been great if he could take some shots of the flower buds and pollens but I wasn't good with my instruction and the plant was very prickly.
In the end, I settled with the zoom feature.

This is how the baby agave looks like from the top view.

Black ants and paper wasp call this agave plant their home.


  1. What an interesting looking plant.

  2. Very nice pic...This plant will die after flowering season?

  3. Your post on agave is wonderful. It ties in with my post for tomorrow on otherworldly plants. I like the ant image from behind, it looks like you are ready to take a walk with him.

  4. I became so taken by the the agave cactus when I visited my brother who lives near Austin, Texas, that I bought two small ones to bring home to Colorado. One seems to be thriving, the other will probably die. I will have to bring them in before it freezes. Yours is amazing. I will tend my wee ones, thinking of your wonderful specimen.

  5. Malay Kadazan Girl, The ones that are planted on the ground has flower stalk that grow extremely tall. That's even more interesting.

    Orchid De Dangau, It's possible. Will let you know when the time comes.

    Donna, You have prepared your post for tomorrow? How efficient.

    Ann, Great to know you like agaves too. I have a few varieties. I guess the weather is more suitable here compared to yours.

  6. WOW!!! What an amazing plant!!! Great close up pix! How tall is it?? I love your dog Clifford! He has several fellow garden "helpers" here in the DC area, too!!

  7. I like the first shoot... like a timber! ~bangchik

  8. This agave is beautiful! I notice their flowers can grow very tall. Your neighbour so cute. The climbing is good exercise for him also :-D

  9. I have seen this plant around my neighbourhood, but not anymore. Each time I pass by the road, it really calls for attention to be seen, it looks so majestic and elegant at the same time.

  10. You manage to get those rare shots of the agave flowers - wow.
    Really it must be hearwarming to see them bloom.
    And yes - they are quite a pricky thing.

  11. TS, Good to see a dog lover visiting here. Clifford loves friends. How tall? Probably 15ft? It is in a narrow planter. If grown on the ground, it can grow several times bigger and taller.

    Bangchik, Nice like a timber, huh? Since I cannot get a top view, I settled with a bottom view. :)

    Stephanie, I must agree that the little boy is really cute. He is the one who gave me stevia and Zinnia seeds.

    Kitchen Flavours, I am sure the one you saw must be really huge if it was planted on the ground.

    James, I planted the agave on the wall because they are prickly. I wonder what happens after the flowering season.

  12. Those are really beautiful pics...I love the agave when they put out their flower stalks......I love the ant pics:)

  13. Hi, One! Love your photos! I have one in bloom, too. I lost the one in my front entry garden last spring after it bloomed, although it sent out numerous pups. I was surprised to learn they bloom so early...I thought they were "century" plants?!?! Regardless, they are lovely. My children call the flower stalk an asparagus...it does resemble the vegetable! :D

  14. Wow, lovely pics! Have never seen agave in bloom an appreciate your effort :)

  15. i see, thanks for the information. i was wondering what this plant called (my neighbor planted it a few months ago). . .
    very nice pictures...

  16. Rohrerbot, I am glad there is someone out there who appreciate the ant pic.

    Kimberly, I guess I'll be losing my plants soon. When I purchased these agaves 2 1/2 years ago, they were already big. I don't know how long the nursery kept it. Haha! They do look like giant asparagus.

    Joey, I decided to post the blooms as it is not often that we see them.... at least not for me.

    Missy, Your flowers are still the prettiest. :)

    Bite Bite, Welcome to Onenezz! Fyi, there are many types of agave plants. I have several varieties.
    28/9/10 2:16 PM

  17. Those are such unique blooms. Pretty photos with the pretty, blue sky as a background!

  18. Wow, I love your agaves! It's always so cool to see them in bloom. Actually, I like them all the time.

  19. Thanks for the heads up on this post. Love your flowering agaves. Can't wait for mine to flower as well.

  20. Thanks for posting this. My family eats agave instead of sugar on our food. Never seen the plant or flower before in person. BEAUTIFUL!!



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