All flowers are beautiful to me. 
Some are rather showy, like Heliconia.

Heliconia Rostrata

Heliconia Latispatha

Heliconia Psittacorum Golden Torch

These are all planted in front of my house by the developer, SP Setia Bhd. 
Lucky for me, I get to enjoy the beauty of heliconia without having to maintain them.

Heliconia Psittacorum Lady Di with Clifford

I find the Hanging Heliconia very attractive, resembling fire crackers. 

Even Clifford wanted to take a photo with it.


  1. They are really a beautiful plant and look great massed out like that. Clifford should still be in the doghouse after eating Tweet.I can see he was forgiven.

  2. Gardenwalkgardentalk, Clifford was given the cold shoulder. No one talked or looked at him for 24 hours. Then he walked towards me, touched me and turned upside down. Automatically, I told him he was forgiven.

  3. That is such an impressive border with those exotics. You're quite fortunate to have such a show like this beside your house that you don't have to maintain.

  4. Ooh, you are lucky! They're wonderfully showy.
    And Clifford looks like a sweet guy;~D

  5. Looks like a heliconia paradise! Love the varieties they have there. I agree, their blooms are really showy especially those red 'claws'. Happy walking with Clifford... that's a good shot :-D

  6. Those are very pretty! I love the bright colors!

  7. I have fallen in love with Heliconias lately and added a few more to my garden. Those near you home look so lush. Clifford looks very handsome in this picture. I wonder how tall he will grow because the red Clifford I watch on TV is really very very tall ;-D

  8. Heliconias are my favourite flower. I just love them. I can grow Rostrata and most of the psittacorums and TRY to grow others but they do much better in your part of the world.
    PS. Missy thinks Clifford is very handsome.

  9. The heliconias are indeed lovely! Hey, did Clifford really eat Tweet? Naughty Clifford! But I guess it's nature that dogs are after birds! Clifford is a hunk of a dog! He's a beauty!

  10. What a beautiful collection of heliconias.
    Do you take cuttings of these flowers for any of your flower arrangements indoors?
    They last quite a long while and brighten the atmosphere inside any home.

  11. Lovely heliconias! I prefer hanging varieties too.

  12. How lovely to have all those on your doorstep without having to maintain them all!



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