Identifying A True Friend

All gardeners know that this bright little creature is a gardener's friend. 
They are said to feed on soft-bodied creatures which feed on plants which would include aphids and mealybugs.

Since it is their young ones whom are the voracious feeders of aphids, we need to be able to identify them.
Many people including myself has previously mistaken the ladybug larvae as pests.


  1. I always find that ladybug like chili or capsicum leaves to live on.

  2. This is the only beetle I'm not afraid of. I'm terribly afraid of worms and beetles, but certainly not pests which I enjoy squashing. I really wish for ladybugs to deal with my aphid problem on the roses and hibiscus.

  3. Can they eat tiny caterpillars that have been ravishing my kafir lime leaves? If so..I badly need ladybugs in my garden!

  4. There seem to be lots of ladybugs in my garden right now. I'm glad!

  5. I love looking at ladybugs. And what a nice name too.

  6. Malay-Kadazan girl, Same here. I always find them on my chilli plants, sometimes on cosmos too.

    Aaron, Remember not to squash the ladybug larva if you want them to take care of your aphid problem.

    P3chandan, Maybe but better to rear birds... :)

    Missy, You have many good friends around you.

    Apharock, I'm throwing a pretty one your way. Catch!

  7. This lady bug is very welcome in my garden. They are my warriors against those terrible aphids and mealy bugs which are my enemies. It is actually not easy to differentiate between lady birds and lady bugs.

  8. Autumn Belle, You serious or joking? Aren't ladybugs and ladybirds the same?

    Actually I wanted to highlight on how a ladybug larva looks like. Some of us has mistaken it for pests. If you click on 'Continue Reading' you would see the photos of the larva. They aren't a pretty sight. More like tiny alligators.

  9. Oh dear, I am not joking. I really really didn't know that ladybirds = ladybugs! Even after I have "Continued Reading" and viewed all the different forms they take after perfoming 'transfiguration'. Maybe somebody cast a spell on this muggle, me :(

  10. Autumn Belle, Oh dear, I am glad it is now clear. Bugs = beetles = birds but for 'ladies' only.



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