Jungle Trekking on an Elephant

One of the highlights in Krabi, Thailand is the Jungle Trekking on an Elephant.
Not only do one get to enjoy the beautiful scenery without exerting any physical effort, the swaying rhythm of the elephant felt good too.
Below are some scenes taken from the top of a swaying elephant.

We started the journey by passing through a rubber plantation.

The foot was used to maneuver the elephant.

My daughter kept asking me if our weight hurt the elephant.
She has a point and I must admit that we human do sometimes take advantage of animals.
However, the elephants were huge and strong and I hope they enjoyed the occasional snacking of foliage during the walk.

Apparently the mountain above is called the Tiger Cave because a tiger stayed there for 37 years.
How did I know?

Look who's talking!
(This photo was taken at the Tiger Cave Temple)

I love the calm and serene look of the lake during the walk.

The 9 month old elephant is being trained at a tender age to follow its mother's footsteps.

Mother and child were given a shower immediately after the one hour walk.
They were given special treatment.

The baby is tied to the mother as it has attempted to run away before.

Mother and child left after the shower.
I am glad the trainer treated them well.
The sharp tool the trainer is holding was not used to hurt the elephants.
(We had our fears and imagination.)
Those were the tools used to clear the bushes that we passed through during the elephant ride.

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  1. I would have had some of your same concerns, but it would have been interesting. The photos are wonderful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. How awesome. Wonderful shots.

  3. We got the impression when we were in Thailand recently that the Thais are very respectful towards elephants and look after them well.

  4. What an adventure! Glad to hear you were left with the impression the elephants are well treated.

  5. Wonderful adventure, so glad you shared it with us all. The young elephant is so cute, almost looks fuzzy. I can only imagine the view from way up there.

  6. this little one is sooo cute! great shots! :)

  7. Wow ... great photos, wonderful adventure ...
    The little elephant is so cute.
    I like the pictures very well.
    Greetings Karin

  8. This looks like a fantastic adventure! I would love to visit this place one day. The mother and baby elephant are both so cute. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

  9. This was a wonderful trip and you got some very good photos. I am not so sure I would have ridden on the elephant. It may have frightened me a bit. I did one time before and remember I was scared, but riding a camel did not scare me. I think it is a matter of size.

  10. Is the tiger that live in the cave for 37years is harimau jadian. Just joking. Thank you for taking us along with your trip enjoyed it very much. Beautiful scenaries along the elephant ride.

  11. What a cute baby elephant and beautiful scenery! While in India I had the fun of riding an elephant. I was surprised at how hairy they were. The baby looks like it has even more hair. I wonder if it is softer? Did you get to touch the baby at all?

  12. Gosh that doesn't half beat the package holidays which we regularly took to Majorca.

  13. That trip sounds very interesting, I would have taken that ride too if only for the beautiful landscape. I love that temple behind the ridge, did you go there. When we were in Chantaburi, where the Bridge of the River Kwai is located, there are also so elephants for ride, but we didn't have much time for ourselves. We were there for a workshop. In Siem Reap, Cambodia we again had a chance to ride the elephants in going to Bakheng Hilltop, but the caretaker is not treating the elephant well, which stopped us to try it. BTW, where is Krabi, Thailand?

  14. Oh yeah a talkative tiger haha. Tried the elephant ride once in Bangkok quite safe than riding on the camel. Almost fell over during my trip to Egypt lucky was holding tight when the camel rise from the ground from kneeling position.

  15. what an amazing adventure. thank you for sharing this another place to add to my list

  16. How cool, I love this post and the elephants. The scenery is gorgeous. The baby elephant is just adorable. Awesome photos.

  17. Nice pictures!
    I have took elephant ride before. The terrible thing i saw was one of the instructor really hit the elephant with the tools! It was bleeding! I swear not to go elephnat ride anymore.....

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