Caption - Bird's-Eye View

Welcome to Monday Photo Captions!

Enjoy the captions contributed by fellow bloggers and leave yours for the last two photos.
Selected ones will be posted next Monday with links to your blogs.

Sweepy : Tweet! Here in Birdland, Rudolph has red eyes and black shiny coat! And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows!

Hootin Anni : He is not MY son! Is he yours?

Genie : Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie...

Bananaz : Birds'-eye view of a marriage mediation.

Springman : Anyone seen my cell phone?

Thank you for all your caption contributions.
According to Sean, the birds above are called Asian Glossy Starling.
Sean, thank you for the identification.
I had thought they were the babies of the Asian Koels because these small birds appeared together with the male and female Asian Koels on my fig tree.
In the photo above, they were on a champaka tree.

Send in your captions for the last two images by this week.
All comments are welcomed too.
May you have a joyful week ahead!


  1. 1) Na na..you can't get me!

    2) Oh poo...I'm doomed!

  2. Cute photos, you do seem to find some great sights. Have a great week and Merry Christmas!

  3. 1. Hey! Someone help me down, please.
    2. Oh, thank you, thank you for helping me down. Here's a big hug for you.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Oh my goodness, the second photo makes me laugh!

    1) King of the Mountain (or is that Queen?)
    2) No, I don't want to neck!

  5. #2 Stop, I'm a duck, I don't have fleas.

  6. Those are beautiful captures!

  7. I love the duck on the bench~very cute shot.

  8. I think the birds looks more like Philippine Glossy Starlings/Asian Glossy Starlings. Asian Koels have bigger stature, longer, more fanned tail and a paler beak (not black). The females are mottled and the young all look more like the males.

  9. Great snapshots of these beautiful birds.

  10. yes we have lots of those birds here, esp in Bohol island, i just know they are starlings. I love reading everybody's captions. You really know how to look for intriguing photos for this post.

    1. the one who will help me wins me
    2. public display of affection (PDA)

  11. How do you get these marvelous captures!? For the last photo, my caption is "Oh Juliet, no matter what our families do to separate us, I shall never, never let you go!"

  12. 1) My feet will get dirty.
    2) Come on dear, I'll give you a hug.

  13. Woof!
    I love captions!

    1) Quack, I ain't jumpin' that low!
    2) Leave me alone, Mom! I don't want to change my color!

  14. Hi there - as you may have guessed I was flat on my stomach to take the head on picture of the beetle.

    Image one: I wonder if I can get down from here without those two noticing that I'm really scared.

    Image two: As a ducking he had been laughed at for attending wrestling classes - but now Wally the White duck felt he was gaining the upper hand (or beak!)

    Stewart - Australia

  15. 1. Quack, quack, who's there?

    2. Its your Mom! Now come here and give me a peck!

  16. No problem. You are lucky to have so many birds around your place. The Koels tend to be shy and stay under the cover of big trees. The glossy starlings are terrors of the garden, and will descend en masse on any fruit trees. Always enjoyed your lovely shots of birds, and always amazes me on how you appear to make them 'pose' for you. But I am not good with words, so not much I can offer in terms of captions.

  17. I'm in a speakers corner.

    What is this?

  18. What great shots these are!
    #1~~"On top of my world!"

    Thank you so much for sharing this week at The Creative Exchange.

    I wish you a beautiful holiday.


  19. Sweet geese photos.

    the 1st one...I can't resist captioning this one "Aflac" And the 2nd one..."Where does it hurt...here, here, or maybe here?"

    THE GREEN THING [and some red too]

  20. Precious photos..Thank's for sharing..

    Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit mine too:)


  21. Living in the city, we don't get to see ducks very often nowadays.

  22. What are they doing in the second picture?

    You rub mine and I'll rub yours!?

  23. Nice captions! And lovely photos!
    First pic:
    "Can I get your attention, please!"
    Second pic :
    "I love you too!"

  24. You always manage to get the most delightful captures!

  25. That last photo is very interesting! I agree - you always get some great captures!

  26. What stunning photos of the ducks!!

    1). "I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal".
    2). Arm wrestling, duck style!

  27. haha I love last weeks pics...so would have titled it "stoned crows" hehe!
    Loving your blog, having a quick catch up from weeks past. Gosh its good to have a laugh out loud!
    This week...
    a) I'll be safe if it floods
    b) Even ducks need their backs cracked!

  28. Thank you for making me laugh, again! Great pictures and captions.

  29. Pixz #1: Friends, rodents, countrymen, lend me your ears;

  30. Pixz #2: Sumo duck wrestlers in action.

  31. Love these...your captures of animals are always so expressive!!

  32. I love this post and I love your photos. Thank you.

  33. beautiful birds pictures, loved the last pix especially :-) visiting late for MYM, hope that you can return the favor too.


  34. Picture #2 - You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

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