Caption - Junior Pageant Winner

It's Photo Caption time!

Is the grasshopper a threat or is it being threatened?
See the water droplets on its body?
Is it sweating, in tears, terrified or just exhausted?
Let's see some of the captions that came up last week.

grasshopper rain droplets

GardenWalkGardenTalk : Don't know why I have to climb this thing when hopping is so much easier?

GardenSpot : Oh, no! I think I've just been spotted by Ann of Garden Spot.

Anna : Man, I need to join Weight Watchers! I'm only half way to the top and sweating like a pig!

One : Please tell your child to turn his head away from me before he sneezes again!

Bananaz : A remake insect version of Ethan Hunt in the next movie, "Mission I'm-possible" at it's most critical moment with the one drop of sweat that could run his mission of stealing the NOC list from the CIA HQ.
(Personal note to Bananaz : When is it showing in the cinema? Akan Datang?)

dog with hibiscus flower

GardenSpot : A Hawaiian student's pet in University of Colorado.

Hootin' Anni : Mana'o nahenahe. (means 'Sweet Dreams' in Hawaii)

Anna : Hawaiian Junior Miss Dog Pageant Winner!

I have 2 new photos which may bring about some smiles.
Isn't this the cutest dragonfly in the world?
I'll be happy to stand corrected.
Just show me a cuter one.


As for the photo below, be rest assured that the toad survived the ordeal.

dog with toad in mouth

You are invited to submit your captions for the 2 new photos; dragonfly and dog.
Selected captions will be posted next week with links to your blogs.
Of course, comments are always welcomed too.

Thank you to all of you who have been contributing.
This is a collage I have prepared for you as a token of appreciation.
Photos are from my edible garden.
They  consist of flowers of spinach, dragon fruit, dill, stevia and tomato.

Have a fun week ahead!

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  1. oh my!! Love all of these but that first shot is fantastic!

  2. Happy Monday morning ONE. I think you got a nicer dragonfly photo earlier. My mind is not as creative these days, so i only thought for No. 2: Mama, mama, do i already pass my initiation, now they can already call me a Dog, not a puppy anymore!

  3. Oh dear, the toad is raw.

  4. Is the dog dining on frogs legs tonight? Great pictures!

  5. Wow likey your lovely pix of the dragon fly. Captions coming up once inspiration catches on late in the day..haha

  6. Cute photos, especially the dog and toad. Very nice mosaic.

  7. Oh my I enjoy looking at your photos ^_^

    macro monday

  8. Clifford: This does not taste anything like the bouncing green ball that One asks me to fetch.

  9. For the dog image (which is marvelous)' how about "Mom, can I please keep him... Pretty please?!" am drawing a blank on the dragonfly... It is stunning!

  10. Pix#1. Dragonfly: How I wish my darling is here holding my waist just like Jack & Rose in Titanic..my heart will go on and on..♫

    Pix#2. One: Clifford..go get the log quick!

  11. You dragonfly is the cutest. I doubt there will be one more adorable.

  12. I'm sure the pup let go of that toad. My dog says they don't taste very good. Blech! Yes, that is an adorable dragonfly.

  13. Cute shots!

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  14. I hope the toad wasn't hurt.

  15. catching up on blogs as always yours is a favorite.

    dragonfly announcer - and for our next performance we have a really big act the flying zambinies.

    dog - dont pull my leg

  16. omg, poor little frog. i love the dragonfly shot.

    dragonfly: owww, that tickles!

    clifford: i thought you said, sashimi!

  17. Great post. Love the dog.

  18. #1 -- PREYING for Rain

    #2 -- "Take me to Your Leader"

    Your posts are always so much fun!!! And photos are super.

    HIDDEN SAND DOLLAR Hope you can drop by today...Happy Monday.

  19. Wonderful photos! The grasshopper is a great capture and I just love the doggie. Have a wonderful week!

  20. Wow! wow wow! Great captures and poor frog :)

  21. Fantastic details in the grasshopper photo!

  22. Your edible garden is lovely and interesting!

  23. Cute dragonfly, cuter dog! The edibles in your garden have lovely flowers!

  24. Sehr schöne Aufnahmen, aber Nr.1 ist mein Favorit...fantastisches Macro...
    LG: Karin

  25. These photographs are wonderful!
    I especially love the collage.

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a fantastic day!


  26. he has a frog in its mouth??
    not good..."smile"

  27. I like your own quote on the grasshopper best! Your photos are always so much fun. I gave a little scream when I saw the dog with the frog in his mouth. here are my entries for the two current photos:
    1. dragonfly - "My young apprentice, you must remember that size does not a great Jedi master make."
    2. dog - "What! We're not having frog legs for dinner tonight?"

  28. 2) I kissed you and I turned into a dog? Now suffer my wrath!

  29. Oh my goodness- that grasshopper is incredible & I am impressed that your dog was able to catch the toad.

  30. The first one I think is the best. Great color and amazing details. Have a nice week. Greetings from Romania.

  31. Cute photos!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  32. Thanks for stopping by. It´s on the couch not bed :). If you like please join us with your nice and funny green this week at PicStory: green* You are warmly invited :) xo Tina

  33. Love the photos, especially the dog and the frog. The frog looks funny in the dog's mouth.

  34. Enjoy the photos and captions very much - Dugg and Stumbled!. Thank you.

  35. I much prefer frog. Can we get some frog over here.

  36. Amazing captures, glad the toad survived the ordeal. :0)

  37. The dragonfly has very sexy pouting lips!

  38. oh the doggy is so cute with flower on his head.

  39. 2) Did the frog turn into a prince with a kiss?

  40. Cute dragonfly. The poor toad. Must have got a fright of its life.



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