Caption - Fall Colors

It's Photo Caption time.

I can't help being amazed by your imagination to both last week's photos.

Anna I just got my wings dyed in the latest Fall colors. How do they look?

Kitchen Flavours : I'm going as Tinker Bell to the masquerade party!

One :  I may have got a little carried away with powdering my nose, haven't I?

b-a-g : It's not easy being green.

 Lisa : Do you think this is my best side?

GardenSpot : ET phone home.

Pichu could be enjoying the joke of a flying creature.

Clifford may be attempting to solve his teeth grinding problem during sleep.
What do you think?

You are invited to submit your captions for the last 2 photos.
Selected captions will be posted next Monday with links to your websites.
Comments are definitely welcomed too.
By the way, if you are keen to know a little more on Pichu's flying insect photo, click here.
Have a great week ahead!

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  1. really lovely macro work!!

  2. Pichu makes anyone smile!

  3. Clifford reminds me of the black lab that ate the siding off our house! Why do dogs like to chew on wood? Surely they get splinters!

  4. I liked the ET phone home caption. Funny.

  5. This post made me laugh...the dogs have such sweet faces!

  6. That is too funny made me laugh....thanks

  7. I guess I am not so bad at captions. Actually I love b-a-g's it's not easy being not easy being green. Thanks guys for you compliments.

  8. I love the bugs. So fun to get up close and personal with them. Great photos.

  9. Clifford: My strange addiction.

    Pichu: Really? She said "yes"? I can't believe I found a gf thru the net!

  10. Nice captions of the butterfly & prey mantis. Sorry perhaps in Raya mood inspirasi taking long leave. See later any luck for at least a caption, already missed last week's coz was totally blank then lolz.

    Pichu got no connection with Machu Picchu? haha.

  11. Thanks One for selecting my caption last week.

    #2) I'm not going through a midlife crisis - it's just my wisdom teeth coming through.

  12. Beautiful details in that butterfly macro! Its colors do match the Autumn season perfectly.

  13. Looks like Cliford is having some kind of mineral defficiency that he could replenish from chewing the wood. Anyway, he couldn't be pregnant!

  14. (1) A good cover for hide and seek.

    Hope you have an enjoyable time with your love onese during this festive season.

  15. caption for the last photo...

    they really need to start upgrading my food.

  16. Both dogs are adorable!

  17. Thanks for choosing my caption last week!

    1) Pichu's just gotten the latest "buzz". Seems she's (he ?) become the neighborhood Dear Abbey!
    2) "My these chew toys are getting bigger all the time!"

    Happy week to you:)

  18. I love the little green guy!! Is he mantis? So cute!

    Clifford is not doing anything therapeutic, I fear. Clifford is being a Bad Dog. LOL!

  19. Loved going through the captions...Anna's was wonderful! Your dogs are the cutest!

    Thanks for commenting on my veggies today!:)

  20. These shots are great!
    #2 "It's mine, and you're not taking it away!!"

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a fantastic day!


  21. Awake or asleep your dogs are really adorable. Clifford must be dreaming of chewing a bone :)

    I posted the procedure to the 2-in-1 trick in my "Two in one" post. Just scroll down to the bottom and read on. Thanks...

  22. A temu pierwszemu pieskowi nie przeszkadza,że mu mucha brzęczy koło ucha :-))). Pozdrawiam

  23. Like the pic of the mantis!

  24. Always love to see your doggies. Come in to wish you and your family a happy long holiday! :)

  25. Lovely pics, especially the butterfly. And the Pichu caption looove :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  26. Pichu is quite the cutie!

  27. And I thought I finally get a portrait all for myself without that big lug, Clifford. Dang fly!

  28. Pix#1. Pichu: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee or izzit a wasp? Gee doggoned memory!"

  29. Pix#2. Yikes this bone is horrible now where is that chicken flavor gumabone?

  30. These are great..Clifford is so funny! Great capture.

  31. Gorgeous Macro shots!

    My Macro, have a great weekend.

  32. beautiful shots, thank you for sharing :-), visiting from MYM, hope you can visit me here too


    Have a wonderful weekend,



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