Caption - Counting Calories

It's Photo Caption time again.

monkey stare at banana

One : Do not disturb! I'm counting calories; 148, 149...

b-a-g : 150 calories! I'll work it out by swinging in the trees for half an hour.

Anna Should I, or shouldn't I? I have eaten 20 already!

  Lisa : Kinda plain, don't you think?

  MyGardenHaven : Ooh, my stars...this fortune cookie banana says that I am meeting the monkey of my dreams on the day I have my blue eye-shadow on!!!

dogs chew cornstalk

Hootin' Anni : ...and Pandas EAT this daily? Ewwww!

GardenSpot : I got the heavy end, Clifford complains.

GardenWalkGardenTalk : Now, who do we get to limbo? Oh, Pichu...

Pomeranian smiling

This is Pichu, the tiny Pomeranian preparing to limbo...

Kitchen Flavours : Come on, Pichu! Do your limbo. We don't have all day!

Above is a butterfly covered with pollen and below is a praying mantis posing on a flower.

I am looking excitedly forward to your captions for these 2 critters.
Comments are very much welcomed too.
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  1. Thanks for picking my comment. I did not realize there were winners. The praying mantis looks like you interrupted him. I've got nothing on this one yet.

  2. One - Thanks for picking my caption last week.

    #2) It's not easy being green!

  3. Those are great pictures, and I love all those captions. Too cute!

  4. I don't seem to have found that butterfly here! I've been chasing lots of them this last weekend, but am not successful with the more beautiful ones!

  5. Thanks for picking my caption too. I'll come back when I can think of what that mantis is thinking.

  6. Gorgeous details in the butterfly macro!

  7. I am Zorro the Butterfly.

    Oh oh... I have lost my sword.

  8. For the praying mantis: All right Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up!

  9. Looks like a lot of fun! You have some lovely animal captures.

  10. Lovely capture of the butterfly. It looks like the praying mantis is looking at you.

  11. Beautiful butterfly1 It is funny that she is on a leaf.

  12. These are great photographs!
    #2 "Do you think this is my best side??"

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  13. What cute doggies. Beautiful photos.

  14. Thanks for choosing my caption last week :)
    #1. " I just got my wings dyed and highlighted in the latest Fall colors. How do they look?"
    #2. Beauty shot portfolio.

    Great nature shots!!! Happy week to you.

  15. Beautiful photos, lovely butterfly.

  16. Fun photos...how about for the Praying Mantis..."You lookin' for me?"

  17. They are all great photos! I love reading all the creative captions!

  18. #2 pic: "You lookin' at me?" "Are YOU lookin' at ME?" (said with a Robert DeNiro Taxi Driver voice)

  19. The praying mantis in your garden do love to pose when you take their pictures...LOL

  20. Very good shots.. I like the ape :)

  21. All such wonderful shots! Praying Mantis "You lookin at me kid"??? Butterfly "Yikes! These wings are heavy"!!!

    Thank you!

  22. Your tawny coaster looks like the newborn I just released from my garden. The praying mantis is cute too!

  23. Pretty butterfly.

  24. Lovely captions! Thanks for choosing mine, ONE!! It suits PICHU rather well! :)

    First caption:
    "I'm going as Tinkle Bell for the masquerade party".

    Second caption :
    Beauty and The Beast!

  25. The mantis has always looked like a creature from outer space, so this one must be saying "ET phone home?"

  26. Well, thanks for enjoying my captions from the previous photos, it's always appreciated as am I appreciating your photo skills. This week, I'm going to have to pass on figuring captions as I've not been online for three days and need to catch up on my blog visitors. See you next week tho.

    Gulf Waters

    Hope your week is off to a grand beginning!!

  27. Love the picture of the monkey! So cute :)

  28. Very funny captions, enjoyed this post so much!



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