Wildlife in Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Though I complained about missing many of the wildlife in my Nature Park post, I did manage to capture a few poor photos of some of the wildlife in Kuala Selangor.

Above are creatures living in the mud flats and mangrove forest.
They include mud skippers, blue crab, red crab, king fisher, water monitor lizard and some dead snails.
There were otters too.

This Brackish Lake System was created for birds to roost and feed. 
It also acts as a safe nesting area for many birds.
We could see huge birds with their nests on the trees.
Unfortunately I didn't have a suitable camera and my shots of the hawks and migratory birds turned out to be merely specks of white or black in the sky.
Finally I found a hawk that stool really still and managed to snap a photo at a close distance.

This shot came out a lot better than then the woodpecker shot. 
The wood pecker hid its head behind branches each time I clicked so I had to settle with this friendly hawk.

Red ants build a nest with leaves. 
One of them decided to hitch a ride on my back after I took this shot.
I thought the spider was kind of artistic with its web weaving.

Figs and ferns were abundant. 
Why are there holes and teeth marks on the tree trunks?

The berry photos above are before and after shots.
There is one photo which I took before using the mosquito repellent.
As you can see, the mosquito repellent made a lot of difference to the quality of macros.

Can you imagine gazillions of hungry blood suckers attached to your body?
If you decide to visit Kuala Selangor's Nature Park, you know what to bring with you.
Thankfully for us, a pharmacy was just within 300 metres away from the place.

....to be continued.


  1. Your spider web shot is a really good find. This is a beautiful web. We have wet land marches here that are protected and I will visit one in Spring. The firm I worked for designed the preserve and all the trails. I have not been there for many years since I worked for the firm. Your images of the marshlands are similar. I saw the mud skippers when I enlarged the image but they are not very attractive creatures. They look slimy too.LOL.

  2. One of those slimy mud skippers stared at me with very big eyes. Don't tell anyone this. One of the reasons that I use collage is to diffuse ugly photos. So, don't bother to enlarge.

  3. That was a spectacular feature of kuala selangor. I haven't been there, so your feature tells me what to look for if i do go there. You didn't stay to watch the fireflies?
    Your collage pics are premium features aren't they?

  4. Great mosaics of our flora and fauna that are in abundance at our water park in Kuala Selangor! Did you go for the firefly excursion there? Or is it in the next posting..

  5. This is a beautiful place - somewhere I would really like to visit - I look forward to seeing more

  6. That's beautiful! Though your mosquito warnings are not at all appealing. :) I love observing mud dwellers like crabs and you're right about the amazing artistic skills of that spider!

  7. You captured the beauty of the park, One. cheers. ann

  8. Your first collage of animals reminds me of those I've seen only on TV while watching David Attenborough's "Life" series years ago.

    You have a very diverge population of wild animals in Malaysia. I hope it remains that way. I wish I could say the same of the Philippines :(

  9. Oooppp... I meant to say diverse not diverge. Quite different meaning there :)

  10. The mudflats and mangrove forests are always very lively.

    There are many birds that live on the mangrove trees if you observe properly.

    But those crabs are beautiful with their long colorful claws.

  11. I am really enjoying your posts from these parks--so different from where I live at any time of year, but great for winter.

  12. I would love to spend a day in such a beautiful nature preserve. There is so much to enjoy. Thanks for letting us get a peek through your camera.

  13. Watch out for the Kerengga! Nice shots.

  14. Never heard of this place until i read this from your blog. Beautiful place and a lot of delicious-looking berries!

  15. My Garden Haven and P3Chandan, I've seen those fireflies a few years back. Must visit them again before it's too late. They may not last forever.

    A Year in My Garden, Thank you for visiting. Yes, there would be more...

    Eliza, Thankfully the mosquitoes were easily handled with repellents. For one moment I considered jogging and hopping on the entire trail to avoid being bitten.

    Thanks Ann, Hope the weather is less extreme for you.

    Solitude Rising, It was a whole lot more diverse than what I showed. I couldn't capture those creatures which were at a distance. I didn't know it is different in your country.

    Carolyn, Thanks. I'm thinking the mosquitoes will be a whole lot less ferocious in Winter but that will never happen.

    Deb, Thank you.

    Diana, Thank you for the warning but it came to late. I was bitten not once but thrice by the Red Ant!!!

    Milka, It's called Taman Alam. Not that far away to visit actually. Bukit Melawati is also there.

  16. I was a bit late here because my blog list sometimes dont function properly, haha. I thought you make collages to accomodate more photos, because your close-ups are good. I love those fiddler crabs, i recall a travel years ago in Mindanao where i stayed so long near the beach just to watch them. I havent seen them again in other areas. With these photos of little things, i am pretty sure your companions got sore throats in yelling at you to hasten up!

  17. Andrea, The crabs and mud skippers' photos were taken from a bridge. As such, the quality are unacceptably poor. I couldn't get near to them unless I jumped down the bridge...

  18. I know I know...we are our worst critics when it comes to taking pics, but you took some great shots of critters that are difficult to get shots of....why can't they just stay still? You should NEVER jump off that bridge:) as the leeches would be all over your body. I have nightmares about those things.....ugh nasty:)

  19. Nice shots... the mosquitos must have quite a party! Yes, the spider's web is really interesting. Used to throw stones at the mud skippers when I was a naughty little girl! Stayed near the beach, when it's low tide, and the beach is filled with mud, lots of mud-skippers can be seen "skipping" around! Not to worry, I always missed! Naughty! Naughty! But it was fun at that time. Now when I thought about it, how could I???

  20. Rohrerbot, I usually fair better with little critters nearby than larger creatures at a distance. The red ants stared into the camera. After that, one jumped on my back and bit me repeatedly. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Now that you mention it, I shall remind myself not to jump off that bridge if I were to be there again... no matter how desperate I get for better quality photos.

    Kitchen Flavours, You stayed near the beach in Malacca? Must have been a lot of fun aiming at skipping objects.

  21. I have truly enjoyed my visit to both your blogs! Thank you for such beautiful glimpses into your country. Thank you also for visiting me recently. :-)



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