2010 Flashback includes Blotanical

In a flash, 2010 is over.
In a flash, all will be forgotten.
Before that happens, here are some of the flashbacks of 2010.

We visited D'Paradise in Malacca.
There was a weird upside down house in a native village, lots of fruits and camera-friendly animals. 

I have added many plants in the garden and chillies happenned to get quite a lot of attention in 2010.

Some of the gratifying harvest were from the longan, mango and dragon fruits.
Lotus seeds taste delicious when eaten raw.

Some animals dropped by in 2010.

A cute, little lost dog came by and was bathed and taken care of by my daughter till we found the rightful owner.

A stray cat appeared suddenly in the neighbourhood and 'rubbed shoulders' with everyone. The joy it brought was short-lived as it was knocked down by a vehicle a few weeks later.

A sparrow who lost its mother was tweezer-fed every half hourly till it could fly. It had an even more tragic ending compared to the cat. As it flew into the bushes, Clifford, (our pet dog) leapt into the bushes too and turned into a hunter. Perhaps he couldn't resist eating 'chicken wings'. We had 2 heartbreaks; one for losing the sparrow and the other for realizing that Clifford is not a bird lover.

My family had a great time at the beach in December.
I am not in the picture since I was the one snapping away.

Last but not least, I must admit that Blotanical is a wonderful portal which I have discovered in 2010.
It is through Blotanical, that I have found many wonderful friends with similar interests.
I like the idea that some of you rescue butterflies in winter and some hug trees.
Some of you are generously giving away home-saved seeds and many are happily receiving and sowing them.
Some  of you are super talented in photography and some of you are multi-talented.
Many of you are just super-de-duper sweet with encouraging words.
I am grateful to know you via Blotanical.

Blotanical is much, much more than a Gardening Blogs Directory.

From the picks I received on my post, I know many of you do read and enjoy my blog although you may not comment here.
From the messages in Blotanical, we get to communicate with one another easily.
From the plot in Blotanical, we get to know each other better even before we visit one another.

Blotanical has attracted a friendly yet interesting group of talented people.
I thank Blotanical which is the portal that enabled us to know each other better and am definitely glad to have embarked on this meaningful journey.

Frankly, I have joined several groups before and have removed my blog from them except Blotanical.

If you are not with Blotanical yet and wondering how to JOIN Blotanical, you have to figure out how to do it yourself.
It is TOP SECRET and I am not revealing it.
Have a great year in 2011!!!


  1. We have shed away another layer of skin and ready for a new life.

  2. What a memorable and nice closing for 2010. I missed the part when the sparrow were missing.

  3. It's already a new year, and I've tons of homework again... You sure had a wonderful year.

  4. Its lovely going down memory lane with your mosaics One..Alas! Im still figuring it out with the mosaics. Thanks for taking time to help me. Thank you for being such a nice blogger friend sharing the beauty of your garden and the tragedy as well. Hope you are more blessed in 2011!

  5. Rainfield, You ready?

    Diana, I didn't update on the sparrow since it was a very upsetting and shocking event at that point in time.

    Aaron, You too had a wonderful year. I remember your exciting competitions, performances and trips.

  6. Nice post One.. been missing your blogs. You seem to have a knack for growing chillies and fruits, they look really healthy and juicy. The pumpkin looks amazing!


  7. Hello, One. You had a grand year. In 2010 I started my blog and joined Blotanical. I have found such a wonderful group of friends who are just so positive and happy. Keep doing you wonderful animal rescues and sharing your stories and lovely photos. It is quite wonderful that you seem to be teaching your children, too, love and compassion for animals and nature, so important as they are the future stewards of the land. And thanks so much for posting on my blog. cheers. ann

  8. I really liked your look back and your mosaics are really beautiful. I like the first one a lot. The animals and the upside down house are unique.

    You daughter is beautiful. Just thought I would mention that too. She is fortunate to have you teach her so much respect for nature. I can see she has learned well. Clifford, not so much though!

    What a fine tribute to Blotanical and all the friends that you have made there. I feel the same as you. I hope you get a red star from Stuart. Submit the post via his plot. I tried twice with no luck, I guess he thought my last post not worthy. I was encouraged by another blogger to submit, so I hope I am not jinxing you, LOL. You may be fortunate to get a red star and an nice reply.

  9. Nice post! You done a great job in 2010. Everything looks great and memorable. Wish you good luck and all the best for 2011.

  10. Beautiful post, one. You had a wonderful year in 2010. But Im so sad to hear about the sparrow's and the cat's story.

  11. What a great way to sum up the old year and welcome the new one. Beautiful mosaics. Glad to hear you and your family had a wonderful holiday and I wish for you all a happy 2011.

  12. Life is a year at a time..... Many more to come! Blotanical is really a wonderful site, i totally agree..

  13. Great collages and tribute to Blotanical---I agree, it's a great virtual place.

  14. Happy New Year Onenezz! Thanks for above amazing pictures. Spotted many wonderful plants there :-)

  15. What a sad story of the sparrow and subsequent demise. Nature is unpredictable but you did a kind thing in the beginning and things happen that we have no control over. I'm glad you've enjoyed your time garden blogging and your experiences at Blotanical. I'm afraid my presence there has slowed down greatly as there is only so much time in any given day. But I will say it's where I met the first of my many garden blogging friends. With so many new bloggers added every day it's gotten impossible to connect with everyone. After you're there for several years you might find that you can't pick posts and welcome new members as much as you could when you first joined. It's a wonderful place though and I've also enjoyed it. Stuart has been on a 6 month break so if he doesn't get you your red star right away it's probably because he's unavailable.

  16. Your photos are like candy! I'm really sorry to hear about the cat, sparrow, and predatory dog. My daughter takes care of orphaned animals and I can understand how that would be devastating.

    I agree with your recommendation of Blotanical, I've made so many good blogging friends there!

  17. You had such a wonderful year beside some tragedies!
    Hope you will have wonderful year ahead!

  18. What lovely post! Your chillies look, both ornamental and otherwise, look gorgeous!! Great flashback shots! Too bad about the cat though...but loved the photo with the frangipani bloom on its head. The puppy is the cutest!!

  19. What a wonderful year in review. I'm very intrigued by those fruits? that look like pouches hanging from the trees.

  20. What a nice collection of 2010 memories. Too bad about the animal stories. That's so sad about the cat and the bird. :(

    The beach looked like a fun trip! Is that your daughter? She is precious.

  21. So nice to walk down memory lane of 2010 with you again. Wishing you another year of joy and happiness. Glad to cross paths via Blotanical.



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