Nature Park

Here are some of the panoramic views of Kuala Selangor Nature Park.

  The Park of 800 acres shelters a wide variety of habitats.

The Park plays an important role in conservation.

It is a sanctuary for many mammals and birds including migratory shore birds.

So where are all the mammals and birds?

See the bunch of red-shirt mammals in front of my trail?

They enjoyed all the beautiful wildlife at close view.
Not wanting me to miss the beauty of wildlife, they kept yelling at me to hurry up and admire what they saw.

Each time I caught up with them, all I get is a description of a huge water monitor lizard or gigantic insect that they saw.

....to be continued.

Just to add, after reading an article about Sustainable Horticulture written by Patty of Gardening Pomona, I appreciate the Nature Park even more. Patty mentioned that cities and communities should be built with animals in mind since obviously they need food, shelter and water like us.  Creating animal corridors in cities and at areas linking cities and towns will be a solution to provide space for animals whose homes have been taken over my human and where Nature Parks are too far away for these animals to migrate to.

I am thankful that we still have many Nature Parks around in Malaysia.


  1. Good Morning, One. Oh yes, parks are important for conservation, but more importantly, as you so aptly demonstrate, it is important that parents nurture a love of Nature in their children. We need today's children to not only appreciated Nature, but do what they can to preserve what little of Nature they can whether it is providing sanctuary for a butterfly to cycle--your backyard--, or learning as much and doing as to preserve the world we all live in. Plus, you create great family memories. cheers. ann

  2. I hope you eventually saw some wild animals too!

  3. I like your red shirts. Did they bite?
    Cute... arms spread wide.

  4. Wow! That was a big insect your little red shirt saw! I am amazed that at a glance some of your photos could have been taken in my state.

  5. You can hear the water monitor lizards splashing the water once you pass by.

    And looking up you can see many colourful birds.

    By the way, I went to Kuala Selangor for the fireflies a few years ago.

  6. That is a most interesting bonding moment and teaching the kids to love nature and conservation. I am sure you will be posting mostly the smaller creatures in succeeding posts, haha! I laughed when you mentioned 'they kept yelling at you...", that is also the case with me and Allen when we climbed Mt GB, because he is impatient with my photography which takes a long time, and he is there always ahead, then sit and yell for me to walk faster. How far is Selangor from KL? I hope to see that place too.

  7. Ann, Thanks for your comment. To be honest, we didn't go to the park to intentionally nurture the love of nature for the kids. Now that you mention it, I am even more glad we took that trip.

    Deb, I remember you have huge gardens yourself which already acts as conservation parks for some animals.

    Rainfield, We saw several water monitor lizards. Many birds and even woodpeckers too. Just don't ask me for proofs.

    Andrea, You know me too well. I guess all that yelling had frightened the animals away.

  8. Patty, Thanks for the details on Sustainable Horticulture. I did see many animals. Will post some but I did not manage to capture many beauties. They were to fast and too far away from me.

  9. Haha your daughter so cute

  10. Milka, My skinny daughter makes me laugh without any effort.

  11. Dear One, Your landscape photos are beautiful. I hope you did get to see some of the wildlife your family was speaking of. I like the idea of corridors within cities for animals to get from one wilderness area to another.

  12. This is my father favourite place to bring his 3 girls during school holiday. But he is the one who is left far behind while we walk so far ahead. Yes, this place is very important for migratory birds. I seem to remember there were many pufferfish in this area. Did you singgah makan seafood ke?

  13. It's always exciting to me when I hear about nature parks in other countries. I love all the panoramic views in this post, and your hikes with children sound very familiar to my own!

  14. It is great to have the whole family as lovers of nature. I'd love to see those beautiful colourful kingfishers.

  15. I strongly agree. We need to consider native wildlife, plants and environment when planning for development. They are the ultimate victims of human encroachment due to development. So many plants and animals have gone extinct because of human actions.

  16. The park images are beautiful and I love the image of the arms spread wide to describe the huge water monitor!

  17. Carol, I will be posting some photos of the wildlife I saw but I missed most of them.

    Diana, Oh! So you have been there many times. Great to know that. Of course must singgah makan seafood.

    Eliza, It's great to know we have similar interests and activities.

    Autumn Belle, I have colourful kingfishers back home but I didn't see the colourful type in Kuala Selangor.

    Solitude Rising, True. I support developers who put effort in greening the environment. This is one of the major reasons I shifted 3 years ago.

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks. I posted that photo because it makes me laugh.

  18. Hi, You are making me feeling guilty for not visiting you and the rest of our friends! Besides busy making tea and other yummies, I have been busy in the garden actually, have not post them yet! Busy clearing all my plants, real tiring job! Almost all the plants at my backyard has got to go! Got a few new ones from Sg Buloh (yes, busy in Sg Buloh as well!) and chopping off my belimbing tree as it gets too tall, almost touching the telephone cables. Will be back in gardening post soon.
    Looks like a great place to go with the family. Your daughter is very cheeky, how old is she? See you in my next post, hopefully soon! ^..^

  19. Kitchen Flavours, I didn't have any intention to make you feel guilty but happy that you are. Just kidding. Will look forward to see your modified garden. My cheeky girl is 10+.

  20. That's very beautiful park!
    Your daughter have very cute expression!

  21. The park looks great! I am sure you had a great time there.

  22. I never been there, but I will. Need to find via GPRS ;) Coz not so familiar with that area. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I appreciate the link, One. Have a great day.

  24. Malar and Fer, The park is better than what I have just shown. I don't have a suitable camera to show many wonderful birds.

    Orchid, We just checked through the net. Quite easy to get there.

    Patty, You wrote a great article.



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