My Journey in Photography

I used to find it cumbersome to carry a camera and never bothered to take any photos during my travels.
What prompted the change and the beginning of this Journey in Photography was the birth of the puppies about 2 years ago.
(Clifford was one of them.)
They were so cute and growing extremely fast that I decided to keep some memorable captures before it was too late.

While I was at it, naturally I snapped a few photos of flowers but was not happy with the outcome.
It was frustrating trying to focus on the pistil or stamen with a point and shoot camera.
It was close to impossible trying to shoot a spider web with auto focus.
Now I appreciate a camera with manual focus as it allows us the choice as to what we want to focus on.

I enjoy experimenting with the camera; shooting from different angles.
Sometimes, I need to contort my body to achieve a preferred outcome.
I find these body stretching exercises a whole lot more fun than doing yoga.

Although I am finally happier with my captures of flowers these days, I would still experiment with some extreme editing to see what can be accomplished from it.
I have learnt a lot from many of you through your comments and photos and I want you to know that I appreciate your sharing.


A few days ago, I met this man who used to be an award-winning photographer.
He came up with masterpiece after masterpiece.
He was delighted with each masterpiece but not for long.
He kept pushing himself to improve which he did repeatedly.
Finally, he accepted the fact that he will never ever be fully contented and gave up his career as a photographer for models and brides.
He renounced the world and live his life as a forest monk, walking 4000km barefooted over a period of 14 years, having only one meal a day.
I enjoyed his humorous but true stories.
He even captured some beautiful shots of the forest to share because words cannot describe the beauty he experienced.

Above is a 6 min slide show of beautiful yet unusual sights of the lifestyle of monks living in the forest of Thailand.
We would not possibly get to see these sights in any other way since the forests are making way for development and it is also highly unlikely for a photographer to follow the monks in their journey just to capture some photos.
I am certain you would enjoy these breathtaking scenes.

After listening to his sharing and understanding his message, I am still looking forward to my first masterpiece.
How many do you have already?


  1. Wow, this has a different twist. I thought at the beginning the title would have been the Stigma because all your focuses are in it. However, it came to a lovelier meaning. I still have to open the video, but go, go, go, reach for the masterpiece! It might not be too elusive at all. Who knows, maybe there will be someone to host the word, Enlightenment! It might be YOU.

  2. I have to be back, that is the most awesome photography masterpiece i've seen! For for sharing your find with us!

  3. Very nice images ... great color ...
    LG: Karin

  4. I laughed at your comment about "stretching exercises"! I often find myself in the most unusual positions trying to get just the right angle. I am sure anyone watching would be rolling with laughter. I started photographing my children but I find that I photograph many more plants than my kids these days. Plants are much more cooperative! Your photos are always spectacular!

  5. Thanks for sharing Ajahn Cagino's album ! I think you take such lovely photos too .... !

  6. Wow, I loved your thoughts on photography. I woke up feeling a bit de-motivated and I took the time to watch the video and read your words...inspiring...yes photography is special especially for the photographer......feel those goose-bumps:~)

  7. I enjoyed your 'journey' through your photographic life in your words and that of the monks walk. Your photos are always lovely and I can personally say you have had many a masterpiece. To answer your question, I know what my 'masterpiece' will be, but have yet to capture that elusive image of light and meaning. Enlightenment is a good word. Andrea should have mentioned it on Word for Wednesday.

  8. Your photos are always interesting and beautiful. And this slide show of the monks...what stunning photos! They really do capture the essence of the solitary quest for silence, prayer, and meditation. And the forest is such a perfectly beautiful place for this peaceful pursuit.

  9. There are many positive differences in your photography recently.


  10. That slideshow is amazing. What an amazing journey the monks take and how fortunate that man was to be able to travel with them and photograph it.

  11. That video was amazing! It reminded me that I need to slow down, and quit rushing about. What a gorgeous setting, and what a reflective lifestyle. The pictures are true masterpieces. Your photos are beautiful, too. I love how the second one almost forces you to look at the tip. The more I learn about flowers, the more complex they seem. I agree about the frustration with a point and shoot camera - I find a lot of my time is spent trying to get it to focus on what I want it to, then finally give up. You have mastered your camera - you take beautiful photographs.

  12. I enjoyed the sideshow immensely. The scenery and photography was just superb. I have noticed that your photographs have really improved from my early visits. A passion for photography, experience, and persistence have paid off for you.

  13. Your photography is always very special. I have really just got interested in photography in the last year or so and have been pleased enough with the auto focus, probably soon enough now I will realise that it isn't good enough. The slide show with the monks, how pleased am I that I opened it up, absolutely captivating.

  14. The camera must be one of modern man's most fascinating and remarkable inventions. I started taking photos very early using my mother's old Kodak camera. I have had many cameras over the years, my favorite being my Pentax Spotmatic 35 mm. Then I went digital, a decision I wrestled with for some time. I think my best pictures happen only occasionally and quite by accident. I like the ability to edit and alter photos using iPhoto or PIcasa; however, I also like the photo as taken as my eye and the lens originally saw the image. Your photos are always amazing, imaginative, interesting, and fun

  15. The more I know, the more I know what I don't know!

  16. Beautiful photos, and the monks — amazing! There were many times in my life when I longed for the simplicity and beauty of a contemplative life, but knew I was too caught up in 20th century North America.
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  17. Photography is an art most of us will appreciate without understanding that it takes time and dedication from the photographer to capture those beautiful images.

    I too have a little passion for photography. Unfortunately this passion is like a switch with an on and off position. Mostly though its off... LOL. My DSLR is just gathering cobwebs in the closet.

  18. I would say you are doing really well! Very pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I felt the same as Holley about the video. I decided to concentrate on it totally while I watched it, and I could feel my heart rate slowing and myself relaxing. It made me think about enjoying each moment. Thanks.

  20. Nice captures of flowers. Awesome. Great video clip with soothing music and serene pixz of calm places. tQ for the reminder must meditate more as Bananaz gone off track lately.

  21. I loved the video clip! As for your photos, they are always amazing! I think I haven't played enough with angles...always a joy to see your shots!

  22. Wonderful capture.
    I'm still striving for my masterpiece but I am definitively enjoying the journey.

  23. Nice selective focus in these images. Masterpiece? Ahh, give me another 20 years to try!

  24. I enjoyed the video - what incredible photography!

    But One, I think you are well on your way to capturing masterpieces - I thought the photos you displayed for "Illumination" were masterpiece-ful! I always look forward to seeing your next photos.

    What I've learnt about photography in the last 8 months is ... it is NOT as easy as it looks!

  25. And to think it all started with a puppy!
    These photographs are just beautiful, and thank you for sharing the video. It was really interesting.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Wow, your flowers are just gorgeous. You are doing great with your photography. I could use lessons myself. Have you taken photos of the puppies, I would love to see them. BTW, the vidoe is amazing with beautiful photos. I wish you a great week ahead.



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