Caption - Inhale... Exhale!

Enjoy these Monday Photo Captions and leave your captions for the last two photos.
Selected ones will be posted next Monday with links to your websites.

Genie : Welcome to Mushkinland...I am your greeter. Come right in!

Anna : Mmmmmm, do I love Cocoa Cereal!

Kay L Davies : I have been told people eat mushrooms. So I grew and I grew, and now I am going to eat me some people.

Jennifer : Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Kay L Davies : It's my job to get water this week so I'm ready.

b-a-g : Mushroom doing an impression of a lotus flower.

Jennifer : Nature's satellite dish.

Tina : My Marilyn Monroe moment!


Both the images of mushrooms are put together as a mosaic for the last caption.
Laugh on...

Cathy & Steve : Ok, deep breath in... Now exhale!


Below are 2 new photos awaiting your captions.

Send in your captions for the 3 hornets and the solitary wasp latest by this week.
All comments are welcomed too.

Here's wishing you a happy week ahead!

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  1. I love the mushroom captions...love the wasp and hornet macros too!

  2. 3 hornets.... 10, 9, 8, .... 3, 2, 1 ... ready or not, here I come!

    One wasp.... OMG, is that a gray hair?

  3. #2 "He was so fascinated by himself that, one morning, he fell into the lake and drowned. At the spot where he fell, a flower was born, which was called the Narcissus."

  4. Hahaha lovely shots!

  5. Love the solitary wasp. Looks like he thinks he's Adonis.

  6. 1st hornet photo: Mom got to go my date is here!!

    2nd hornet photo: I a pretty no doubt about it!

    Hehehehe thanks for allowing us to share a caption here. Like these shots!
    Frozen In Time

  7. Who the hell is the one in the water who look so handsome as me?

  8. Fantastic shots this week! I of course especially love the the munchkinland mushroom!

  9. 1. Hi there, do you come here often?
    2. Hi there, do you come here often?

    I just had to do that. I couldn't resist. I did have another idea for #2 but when I realized I could use the same caption, I laughed so much, I forgot my previous idea.
    — K

  10. Stopping by from macro monday. I'm worthless at thinking of captions, but I love the smiling mushroom and the captions that go with it!

    Kateri @ http://dandelionhaven.blogspot.com/

  11. I like the shot of the two hornets arguing and the one off to the side that doesn't want to participate! :)

  12. Love the hornet photos! At least I can get this close to admiring them without an epipen! Love the reflection shot!

  13. I certainly had a big laugh on those mushroom captions! And the insect photos are indeed beautiful, i love the composition too!

    1. Two insects: let's hurry eating, that big one might join us!

    2. Ahhhh, so here is the mirror, I already look great for the party!

  14. The mushroom captain is hilarious!

    2nd photo: Mirror...mirror on the wall, who is the preetiest wasp on earth?

  15. Wonderful photos and captions.

  16. #1 "Stay away from him dear, he is no good!"
    #2 "Oh, hey! You scared me, didn't see you there."
    Lovely Macro, linking over from Marco Monday.

  17. Love these photos!
    #2~ "Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."

    Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  18. You already have some great captions for the new images. I like Lisa's especially. I have a simple caption for the second picture.
    The wasp on seeing his reflection says, " Ah, I am so beautiful!"

  19. Good morning,

    #1) Two heads are better than one!
    Folks have already come up with the idea that I had for #2 :)

    Thanks for choosing my caption! Enjoy stopping here each Monday! Such fun.

  20. The shot of the wasp and its reflection is exceptional!

  21. I love the mushroom man! LOL!

  22. Love the inhale, exhale caption!
    Great shots, for next week.
    #1: I wonder if they're done yet? Can I look now? Geez. I hate PDA!

    #2: I'm not like Narcissus! I swear I'm not! It's just that I look so great!

  23. Beautiful photos. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  24. Caption for #1 : Love triangles don't just happen to humans ...

  25. Enjoying reading all the clever captions...really like your wasp shot.

  26. Oh no, I was too late, someone else thought of what came to my mind for the second photo ... so I am all out of ideas this week. But they are fantastic shots (as always :))

  27. That smiling mushroom is awesome! I love it!

  28. Great captures! that first mushroom is hilarious

  29. Pix#1: Worked so hard from Private to stripe one, if I dont get another stripe to Corporal by year end wanna join the Bees.

    Pix#2: Mirror mirror off the wall who is the fairest wasp-waist of them all?

  30. Ooops sorry didn't see lisa's caption for Pix#2 which was repeated.

  31. Thanks for the link!

    I think on the bees-"Two's company-three's a crowd." for the first one. The second one "Why hello stranger!"

  32. The mushroom is just so adorable! Great shots of the wasps.

  33. The solitary wasp says " ah, here comes my lift now".

  34. 'Mr Wasp' said the Aquatic flower, 'when you see your reflection clearly, toss the honey ball into the well and make 3 stinging wishes'.

  35. The mushroom is really cute looking and the wasps beautiful. Great capture!

  36. Lovely photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  37. Great entries! I will have to try to come up with one. Mushroom pics are great!



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