A Visit to D-Paradise (Part 1)

Today we visited this place by the name of D-Paradise. It is a tropical fruit world and Aboriginal Native Village. They have about 800 varieties of fruit trees. I have many interesting photos to share. For today, I want to show this unique house that I took at the aboriginal village.

Children looking for a balcony.

Children sitting on the roof!!!

Why is the house upside down?


  1. Neat house! Reminds me of some island homes in the Philippines!

  2. Really?! Were they upside down too? I guess not. This one must have fallen off the tree. LOL!

  3. The place must be interesting to visit, fruits and aboriginal native houses. I went for a jungle trail last year, the guide was mentioning about bamboo as the most useful and versatile plant in the jungle. I think I can build a hut using all bamboo... The kids looked very happy.
    ~bangchik and kakdah.

  4. Bangchik, You can build a hut using bamboo? I like the idea very much.

  5. That house really looks upside down! Or is it the stairs are shaped like an upturned roof??

  6. I am putting your blog link on my sidebar this week. Thank you very much for following my blog.

  7. Autumn Belle, The house IS upside down. Many people saw the house but few realized it was upside down. I have no idea why. It didn't look like it overturned cos' it has legs on the roof. :) Thanks for putting my blog link on your sidebar.

  8. hi,

    I'm new to your blog!
    The aboriginal houses are really facinating! very creative indeed!

  9. how much is the entrance fee?



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