Beauty Next Door

An excited 9 year old neighbour came over to tell me that he has a male papaya tree. I have many papaya trees myself but have never planted a male one. I was thinking what made him so sure it is a male tree.

One glance at the flowers and one cannot dismiss its machoness.
It's got to be male, all right. Its kind of showy, isn't it?

Then, some other flowers caught my attention. I cannot resist stealing a few shots.

A bright red zinnia calling out to me...

A lovely pink rose radiating love...

Isn't it nice to have neighbours who plant beautiful flowers? I get to admire them eventhough I personally focus more on fruit trees and edibles.

For the moment, the most beautiful flower I have is this black and white blot. It is blooming between wooden furnitures. That's my silly yet lovable and adorable Clifford.

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  1. There's much to learn from admiring a neighbour's garden. One thing is that I'll know which plants will grow well in our area ;P



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