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Enjoy these Monday Photo Captions and leave your captions for the last two photos.
Selected ones will be posted next Monday with links to your websites.

Cathy & Steve : 10, 9, 8, ...3, 2, 1 ... ready or not, here I come.

Kim, USA : Mom, got to go. My date is here!

b-a-g : Love triangles don't just happen to humans...

Anna : Two heads are better than one.

Tina : Two's a company, three's a crowd.

Bananaz : Worked so hard from Private to stripe one, if I don't get another stripe to Corporal by year end, I wanna join the Bees.

Cathy & Steve :  OMG! Is that a gray hair?

Kay L Davies : Hi there! Do you come here often?

One : Stay away! I want to maintain my reputation as a solitary wasp.

Bananaz : "Mr Wasp", said the Aquatic flower, "when you see your reflection clearly, toss the honey ball into the well and make 3 stinging wishes."

Send in your captions for the last two images latest by this week.
All comments are welcomed too.

Here's wishing you a happy week ahead!

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  1. 1. Hi, Biscus.
    2. Lo, let us escape from this pod, the earthlings are coming.

  2. You are really good in photography! The photos look so calm. Are those lotus seeds?

  3. Beautiful photos. That first one is fantastic.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Good one Kay... your photos are beautiful.

  5. This is fun...okay...here goes....

    1st pic. I've fallen for you.

    2nd pic. Blueberries BEE-ware!

  6. Gorgeous photos! Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  7. Wow, what great photos. I love reading everyone's caption--very creative people out there. Nice post. Mickie :)

  8. Oh cool, what is that pod thingy? Great shots!

  9. Your photos are beautiful. The captions are really awesome makes me smile.

    #1. Are you still my bestfriend?

    #2. I see you!!

    Smell The Rose

  10. i love your photos, and the captions are hilarious!

    1. the heat gives me a ragged edge!

    2. i'm the new spy-cam--i see you!

  11. Oh Bananaz got double. Wish granted after tossing honey ball in fountain..haha tQ.

    You have flowers and lotus seed this week. I'll be back catch up later.

  12. That lotus flower with seeds look like a honeycomb with bee larvae already wanting to come out. I haven't seen lotus seeds like that, only the flowers. If you only have honeycomb or beehive they would be lovely together, and they can converse too! I am drained of captions this morning.

  13. Those are 10 potential new Lotus plants you got there One. Better harvest them before someone else does :)

  14. That shot of the seeds is awesome! It looks like 10 blue eyes looking at me.

  15. Very good and nice macro photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  16. Terrific photos. The only Lotus plants I have seen up until now, were dried, yours is lovely.

  17. You are such a talented photographer! I really enjoy your shots. Congratulations on the GGW win! Well deserved! Have a great week!

  18. Pix#1. C'mon let's dance the can-can!

  19. Pix#2. Nature's Whack-A-Mole game?

  20. One - Congratulations on winning a GGW Award - well-deserved. Looking forward to seeing your snail photos.

    Caption for #2 : Bad seed.

  21. Great shots .... beautiful ....
    LG: Karin

  22. What wonderful shots. I'm not good thinking off the top of my head for captions but I really liked reading other people's. Totally fun.


  23. Wow - Awesome photos - I am impressed - especially ... yeah ALL of them thihi.. Very good !!! :)

  24. Kay's caption is awesome! I wish I was creative enough to think of something like that! All I can think of is "Let's luau.."

    On the second one I am thinking "The eyes have it..." I love lotus seedpods. B-A-G's comment on the bad seed is great! I had to relook at the picture and then saw the tiny undeveloped seed.

  25. Again another series of wonderful shots!! The lotus seed pod looks amazing! Getting such close shots of bees/wasps must take a lot of patience! Hats off to you, One!

  26. And here's wishing you Well done winning the P.T. competition.

  27. Beautiful photoes as always :)
    by the way, I post something and I would appreciate if somebody can help me.

  28. Wow, awesome captures. The reflections are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your world. Have a great day!

  29. Good Morning,

    #1) Me and mini-Me
    I had the same idea for #2 as Tina:)

    Thanks for using my caption! Happy week to you!

  30. Hi One,
    Nice captions!
    I can't think of anything yet! :)

  31. Those hornets gave me the creeps - but such lovely shots! And what a glorious lotus flower.

  32. Those are fantastic shots.

  33. Captions:
    #1 - Don't bother me, Buddy! Can't you see we're busy?!!

    #2 - Now don't I look pretty!!

    For the lotus: The "eyes" have it!

    You are invited to see how I painted my "Little Boy Blue in the Cornfield."

    Have a wonderful week! I love your photos!

  34. last photo,
    They are peas in a pod,
    They are all siblings,
    Yet some are big, and some are small.
    Nobody is the same.

  35. Congrats on your silver medal for your photograph!

    As for captions....

    Red hibiscus:

    Flower on left - "Here's flashing you, Babe."
    Flower on right - "Barf!"

    Seed pod. "I'm going as a peacock for Halloween!"

  36. Nice shots. Thank's for sharing it here..

    Visiting from MYM!

    Hope you can visit me back:)





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